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DYING WISH process anger and hurt with “Path To Your Grave” – watch new video now!

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From the bustling streets of Portland, Dying Wish offers a brand new chapter in their musical journey with the announcement of their upcoming album, “Symptoms of Survival.”

Scheduled for a release on November 3 through SharpTone Records, this album promises to capture the raw essence of the band’s journey and their lead vocalist’s personal narrative.

Randy LeBoeuf, a mastermind in music production, took the helm in curating the sound of “Symptoms of Survival.” For those eager to delve into the album’s world, the band has unveiled a sneak peek with the music video for “Path to Your Grave.”

But what’s intriguing about “Path to Your Grave” is its profound connection to their previous work, “Fragments.”


Lead vocalist Emma Boster provides insight into this connection, detailing a narrative of pain, acceptance, and evolution. She reveals, “‘Path to Your Grave‘ was conceptualized as a sequel to ‘Fragments‘ – a song that divulged my tumultuous relationship with my stepfather, characterized by manipulation and abuse.” This deeply personal track had unveiled the scars of this past for the first time, hinting at a buried desire with its line, ‘I would bury you if I could.’

Yet, with the new track, Boster demonstrates her journey of healing and resilience. “Since ‘Fragments’ was released,” she reflects, “I’ve navigated my trauma and come to a newfound acceptance. The same line, ‘I would bury you if I could,’ is echoed in ‘Path to Your Grave,’ but this time, the tone shifts. The anguish remains, but its sting is dulled, replaced with a triumphant embrace of the past and a hope for the future.”

Dying Wish

“Symptoms of Survival” is now available for pre-order, promising an intimate dive into DYING WISH’s realm of emotion, acceptance, and unyielding strength.

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