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DYING WISH return with new album “Symptoms of Survival” on SharpTone Records

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Hailing from Portland, high power metalcore force Dying Wish have declared the arrival of their fresh album, “Symptoms of Survival.” The much-anticipated collection will be released via SharpTone Records on November 3, and fans can secure their copy through pre-orders available here.

In addition to the album announcement, the four-piece ensemble has premiered their music video for “Watch My Promise Die,” which can be viewed above.

“‘Watch My Promise Die’ explores the crippling anxiety of inevitable failure,” shares vocalist Emma. “When we devote our all to a singular aspect of our lives, the fear of its potential collapse hangs heavily over us. The song embodies the struggle with that fear, allowing your vulnerabilities to triumph before losing everything to forces beyond your control.”

The response from fans and viewers to DYING WISH’s new release has been overwhelmingly positive. Pedro Carrillo‘s performance on the mic has been particularly lauded, with many fans expressing surprise and delight at his proficiency. There’s also been a lot of buzz around the fact that 4 out of 5 band members have now proven their vocal prowess, with Mackey’s live backups garnering approval.

The shift to drop A# tuning has stirred some interest and debate among fans, as some noted that it lent the music an unexpected, almost deathcore vibe. There were mixed feelings about the melodeath riff, with some wishing for a more engaging sound, but overall, it seemed the band’s new direction was well-received.

Some fans expressed that the breakdown felt a bit lacking in depth and length, but this was counterbalanced by positive comments about how the song’s vibe recalled the raw energy of the mid-2000s.


Discussing the album, she adds, “‘Symptoms of Survival‘ is an eleven-track exploration of human suffering in its myriad manifestations. It tackles personal experiences such as heartbreak, trauma, loss, anger, and remorse, while also addressing universal themes such as war, greed, and the struggle for survival.”

Symptoms of Survival” track listing:

“Symptoms of Survival”
“Watch My Promise Die”
“Prey For Me”
“Path To Your Grave”
“Paved In Sorrow”
“Tongues of Lead”
“Kiss of Judas”
“Hell’s Final Blessing”
“Torn From Your Silhouette”
“Lost In The Fall”


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