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ĠENN: a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary sounds in new single “Calypso”

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GENN by Jordan Core
GENN by Jordan Core

ĠENN, a largely queer band, has captivated audiences with their tenacious sisterhood and musical talent for a decade. Initially formed in Malta, the band relocated to Brighton, UK, solidifying their camaraderie and affectionate trust in one another. Comprised of Janelle Borg on guitars, Sofia Rosa Cooper on drums, Leona Farrugia as the vocalist, and Leanne Zammit on bass, the band carries a collective identity that transcends borders.

The band‘s musical journey has already seen the successful release of singles such as ‘Rohmeresse,’ ‘A Reprise (That Girl),’ and ‘Days & Nights.’ Today, they unveiled their latest single, ‘Calypso,’ the most recent taste from their debut album, ‘unum,’ slated for release on October 6th through Liminal Collective.

‘Calypso’ stands out as a serene and dreamlike track on the album. The lush soundscape created by Borg’s guitar pairs beautifully with the soft whispers of vocalist Farrugia. The track’s hazy ambiance is further amplified by soulful sax lines, as distant cymbal crashes inject a psychedelic, symphonic texture without disrupting the song’s tranquil flow.


Drawing on their Mediterranean heritage, the creative inspiration behind ‘Calypso‘ is a testament to ĠENN’s versatile musicianship. Janelle Borg shares her love for global folk music and how the band brought the Mediterranean essence to the song’s forefront. It was her interest in għana – traditional Maltese folk music – that shaped the contemporary interpretation of ‘Calypso.’

The song’s lyrical inspiration comes from the counter-cultural Maltese figure, Mario Azzopardi. Leona Farrugia details how her high school literature teacher introduced her to the acclaimed playwright and author.

Azzopardi’s influence on her was so profound that Farrugia pays homage to him in ‘Calypso.’ Even though the song is in English, the band believes Azzopardi’s spirit permeates the narrative.

As ĠENN forges ahead with their musical endeavors, they continue to blend their vibrant heritage with their contemporary perspectives, creating a unique sound that resonates with their listeners.

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