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EAGLEHASLANDED streaming new experimental record

Last year we experience the Russian / Serbian screamo outfit EAGLEHASLANDED sharing European stages with Canadian band FOXMOULDER. Both bands teamed up for an amazing IDIOTEQ feature, a double interview than can be reached at this location. EAGLEHASLANDED  has just unveiled a full stream of their new EP, their most experimental record to date, with new instruments and bacground music added and lots of different vocals, including guest vocals by Laurent from French band LES DEUX MINUTES DE LA HAINE. Prsented through the amazing I.Corrupt.Records, the new effort from EAGLEHASLANDED is the outcome of the band’s hard work before the tour with FOXMOULDER. Learn more through the official message below, dive into this exceptional record below and stay tuned for more exciting news from EAGLEHASLANDED very soon!

It We played most of them on that tour to see  whether are people interested and driven by new melodies. As a final result we got into the studio couple of months after the tour with a plan to involve Laurent and Nikola who played trumpet on one/two songs on this record. Involving new people for songs is a great experience for us. We are trying to evolve as a band which doesn’t have any particular way of making songs, every song is made in a moment of inspiration and later shaped as a composition with same riffs, but interpreted in a different way. So you have a variety of songs which are connected in some way but still have a their own approach.

New s/t EP is a mixture of everything that we felt like doing over this past few years, experimenting and growing as a band/ friends got us in a situation that we can play anything that comes up to our head and perform it in our way.

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