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Emo band OKAY OMEN premiere new video for “Reverie”

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Embracing the introspective realm of emo / post hardcore, Milwaukee-based band Okay Omen presents the official music video for their lead single, “Reverie,” from their debut album “So It Goes…”. Directed and edited by Samer Ghani, the video captures the essence of the song’s melancholic musings, filmed over the course of several months during the winter of 2023.

Reverie” reflects vocalist Chase Hoffman’s personal experiences, delving into a time of post-relationship introspection and the challenges of rediscovering self-love and acceptance. The track serves as a fitting introduction to Okay Omen’s debut album, “So It Goes…”, which was released earlier this year. The dreamy and reflective nature of the song gradually unfolds, building up to an impactful second half that captivates the listener.

Okay Omen

Ghani’s skillful cinematography follows the band as they project footage of their live performances against the backdrop of the city. The video presents a fresh take on the classic Midwestern Emo aesthetic, exploring new visual settings and contexts.

In discussing the creative process behind the video, Ghani shares, “We aimed to maintain the classic Midwestern Emo aesthetic while incorporating fresh visual elements and settings. It was an exciting exploration of how this video could transcend traditional screen boundaries.”

Olay Omen by Ian Johnson
Olay Omen by Ian Johnson

Reverie” invites listeners into a space of introspection and vulnerability, navigating the complexities of post-heartbreak anxieties and the journey towards self-discovery. As the lead single from their debut album, it showcases Okay Omen’s ability to intertwine dreamy melodies with captivating choruses.

This collaboration between Ghani and Okay Omen marks their second project together, following the debut music video for the song “(in)sincere.” Their ongoing partnership allows for continual exploration and the pursuit of unique artistic visions.

“So It Goes…” was released on February 10th and is available for streaming on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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