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Emotive indie alt rockers VERMONA KIDS share new single “2002”

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In the labyrinthine of hundreds of new under the radar music, where echoes of nostalgia and introspection often merge, the Vermona Kids, a Polish band weaving its narrative through the emo indie alt rock genre, has released “2002,” a track that gently nudges the listener into a realm of introspection. This first single from their upcoming third album, “Keepsake,” not only reaffirms their presence in the alternative music scene but also marks a return to a more vibrant sound, reminiscent of the lively productions of Braid and Jimmy Eat World.

The composition, a product of the collaborative efforts of Bartek Tajak, Marcin Lokś, Krystian Pilarczyk, and Monika Bronowicka, spans a concise yet impactful 2 minutes and 57 seconds. Its essence lies in its ability to romanticize a world and scenery that, in many instances, never existed. The track is an introspective journey, pondering over the metaphorical ‘junkyard’ of screenshots in one’s phone – a repository of unacted thoughts and unfulfilled dreams.

As for the lyrics, penned by Bartek Tajak, they resonate with a sense of reflective nostalgia.

The track, while rooted in the contemporary, pays homage to the pseudo-controversial albums of The Get Up Kids, Weezer, and Box Car Racer, painting a picture of a world two decades past yet vividly remembered. The narrative woven into the song is an ode to the things left undone, a reverie of a bygone era.

Vermona Kids

The recording process, undertaken by Przemysław Wejmann at Perlazza Studio in Poznań during August and September 2023, and the mastering done by Dave Downham at Gradwell House in New Jersey in October 2023, are testament to the band’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

The cover photo, shot by Łukasz Cegliński, encapsulates the mood of the track, offering a visual counterpart to its auditory journey.

2002” marks a bridge to the past, an exploration of what could have been, set against the backdrop of an alternative soundscape.

As we await the release of “Keepsake” on Peleton Records in April, with two more singles lined up, it’s clear that Vermona Kids is not just revisiting history; they are rewriting it in their own unique, resonant tones.

The band’s journey through the realms of emo indie alt rock continues to evolve, offering a fresh yet familiar sound to those who find solace in the echoes of the past.

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