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Emotive indie punk rockers HOUSEWARMING PARTY premiere new single; listen!

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Salt Lake City, Utah’s HOUSEWARMING PARTY formed in 2016 when best buds Ridge and Scottie put up an ad for a drummer online and met Jordan, who surprisingly liked all the same obscure punk/hardcore bands as them and is now one of their best friends. After two and a half EPs, the band is releasing their debut full-length album Baby Teeth on October 12th, 2019, and today we’re giving you the first listen of their new second single off of the release called “Cinderblocks”!

When’s the last time you felt vulnerable? Like when you told someone how you feel about them and you’re not sure how they’ll respond? That’s Baby Teeth, the latest release from Salt Lake City punk band Housewarming Party. “Soft & Pretty & Dull” is an upbeat song that takes the listener through the blossoming of a relationship, envisioning in the mind’s eye a love that wasn’t, but could have been. Drawing on inspiration from artists such as Nana Grizol, Remember Sports, and Radiator Hospital, Baby Teeth sets out to fulfill Housewarming Party’s sole purpose: play music for people and have them like it.


You’ve got a wrinkled heart and the softest lips
I wanna see you through my fingertips
when it’s cold outside
You’ve got a T shirt on of a band you hate
I wanna hold you like a birthday cake
when you’re alone sometimes

There was a big gray cloud raining in my way
I was lost and lost until I saw your face
like a bright blue sky
No he doesn’t treat you right and I know it’s hard
to see the cinderblocks sitting in the yard
where your heart resides

And when the concrete cracks
Or when you’ve fallen through
When you don’t know what you’re gonna do

to hold you like I care
To make you feel at home
To meet you in the air
And if it all turns out
that love is not that fair
I’ll keep a part of you
in the moments that we shared

Housewarming Party is Scottie Cragun (bass/vox), Ridge Anderson (guitar/backup vox), Jordan Breen (drums), and Brendon Crave (guitar). Baby Teeth was recorded and mixed by Wes Johnson at Archive Recordings in Salt Lake City and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering in New Jersey. The album will be the first release on Scottie and Ridge’s own label, Housewarming Records. The album artwork was designed by Ridge Anderson, using a film photo taken by Shel Anderson.

HOUSEWARMING PARTY by Shel Anderson of Shel.o Photo
HOUSEWARMING PARTY by Shel Anderson of Shel.o Photo

Catch the band at the following stops:

Oct 12 – High Note Cafe – Boise, ID
Oct 13 – The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
Oct 14 – Twilight Cafe & Bar – Portland, OR
Oct 15 – Honey Hive Gallery – San Francisco, CA
Oct 16 – Programme Skate & Sound – Fullerton, CA
Oct 18 – Recess Ops – San Pedro, CA
Oct 19 – Double Down Saloon – Las Vegas, NV


I’m losing all of my baby teeth
I’m 25 years old
Yeah, it’s hard to feel confident
When you’re young and alone

Maybe I am a basement
Maybe you are a penthouse floor
There is space between our hearts yeah
And it’s hard to ignore


I lost my strength to do anything
And there’s a leak in my bones
Yeah, it’s some kind of feeling
that tends to keep me at home

Maybe you just weren’t feeling it
Maybe I was a hand to hold
There’s a lack of motivation
And it’s starting to show


I’m wasting my time
trying to fix things
I’m losing my mind
stuck in a dumb dream
You were right when
You said I should change
I hate when you’re right (x3)


I’m losing all of my baby teeth
I’m twenty five years old
Yeah, it’s hard to feel comfortable
when I see you at shows

Maybe I was a toothache
Maybe you were a broken door
There was a chance to walk into your life
yeah but not anymore

Check out another new track and the band’s new music video “Baby Teeth”:

Here’s what Housewarming Party singer/bassist Scottie Cragun has to say about the album’s title track:

“Baby Teeth is a song about growing up. It’s about coming to terms with your own flaws and choosing to fundamentally change. Maybe that realization is the result of having a quarter-life crisis or even just turning 25 and finally having a fully developed brain, but the point is you don’t just grow up once.”

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