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Fast, short, and loud: grinding hardcore act SEEK NOTHING premiere new song & video!

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Raging, powerviolent hardcore act SEEK NOTHING are back with a new bomb of a track called “Pure Pøse”, teasing the band’s upcoming LP “More Evil”. Today, we’re giving you the first listen of this action packed, 55-seconds long shot,  along with a weird self-interview, conducted by the band’s vocalist Mike :)


Seek Nothing: Hello Mike, my you are abnormally attractive! How are you?

Mike: Fine thank you, I know… it is a curse. Wait are you guys still going?!

Seek Nothing: …

Mike: …

Seek Nothing: Well we have a new song called Pure Pøse from our upcoming debut album “More Evil”, which some people have described as “the Chinese Democracy of hardcore records”.

Mike: No one calls it that do they? Be honest.

Seek Nothing: No…

Mike: Thought so. The lyrics seem pretty “interesting” though, tell me about them.

Seek Nothing: Well you have to ask the singer, who is insanely good looking by the way, but my impression is that either they are complete nonsense or a self-referential deconstruction of the absurdity of concert going and playing shows to an audience who would rather be staring at their phones or having sports sex with someone that is secretly thinking of their best friend’s Dad…

Mike: Wow…. that’s almost as cool as writing an interview with yourself!

Seek Nothing: Quite. Any plans for the future or are you happy being the 54th best hardcore band in Berlin?

Mike: Shutup.



i like your shirts
they look fine
but the problem is
i can probably find it
cheaper online
i loved your set
except that you didnt play
victim vest
but thats okay
cause you played it last time
when you supported blacklisted
but wait
did the pre order come
with that sick cover design
what is the wifi password
is this a matinee
can i get some guestlist
for me and my girlfriend
thats not black metal
do you have it on tape

“Avoid Life”, another new song from the “MORE EVIL” LP has been made available earlier this year:

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