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Emotive post hardcore band APORIA channel thought-provoking content through dramatic new single “The Desire For Patricide”

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When you hear the delicate, yet haunting opening lines of “The Desire For Patricide”, the newest single from emotive post hardcore band APORIA, screamo may not be the first style that comes to mind, but this exlectic, emotional and experimental quartet utilizes the genre’s dynamics beautifully, even if their version of loud is on the softer side.

Aporia‘s new abum “Strefy Graniczne” tackles the issue of boundaries. “The ones we cross every day and those we have crossed in the past. About those we should cross and those we should never come close to.” – comments the band.

Asked to expound a bit more on this content idea and the lyrical theme for the new track “The Desire For Patricide“, the band’s vocalist and guitarist Bartek Rief continues: “First of all, those between people and those that we have inside. We have a lot of homework to do. “The Desire For Patricide” is one of them. I have often found myself as not the only one influencing my behavior or my relationships with other people. It is also influenced by the memories and behaviors I acquired while growing up. Sometimes it is about good attitudes, but I also feel that there is something about me that I would not like to pass on.”

Aporia - Fot. Macko Maj
Aporia, by Macko Maj

“On the one hand, it’s a very personal track about my experiences.” – he continues. “Furthermore, there is also a broader reflection on what we pass on to other people and future generations. We are part of the chain. We don’t have to be involved in this. We don’t have to be the next link. This is a tuneage about the need for self-awareness and independence. This is a tuneage about the fact that we have to face ourselves and our history to go on.”

“This text also has a different context. It was inspired by the words of publicist Edwin Bendyk, but above all by the public discussion about the protectionism with which young people, women or minorities are treated. Rebellion against patriarchy or a world based on inequality is also part of growing up and liberating yourself. This text is also about the courage to say “no” and that it is never too late for that.”

Aporia - Fot. Szumysceny
Aporia, by Szumysceny

Schengen? Or maybe human decency? Humanity? Security? Convenience? How many boundaries separate us and protect us from ourselves? Million? Thousand? Three hundred? Or maybe one? The thin red line… What’s behind it…? What will happen when we cross it?

Aporia still asks questions that have no simple answers. It is filled with words that hurt. They force you to reflect. They are like salt poured on the wounds of human conformism and indifference. They remind you that we have a homework to do. It is still a lesson in humanity, but also a lesson in understanding ourselves and the limits that appear on our way.

Aporia‘s new album “Strefy graniczne” consists of six songs, throat-pounding emo / post hardcore, rooted in the 90s, reminding you that punk can still be thought-provoking.

The record will be out on vinyl in late 2021 via D.I.Y Koło Records, Extinction Records, Hidden Beauty Records, Helldog Records

Aporia - Fot. Macko Maj
Aporia, by Macko Maj

The Desire For Patricide lyrics:

I want to kill your heartbeat
which drums like a snare
over and over!
I don’t want to live my memory
I don’t want to swim in your river
seemingly pure…
have you dipped your hands in it?

I accepted it without an afterthought
now I’m struggling all the time
I thought I had everything to move forward
but how?
but how?
how can you be an adult without naming emotions?

I am almost 40 years old
and I have hidden desire for patricide…
and rebellion still undefeated
deep inside myself

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