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The End Of A Century: emotive punks UWAGA premiere new split with gritty hardcore act WuZeTian!

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Strasbourg emotive punks UWAGA have teamed up with Achern, Germany’s WuZeTian for a split EP, featuring 4 tracks of passionate mix of stylings, layered in a harsh, yet well structured blend of 2 different strains of hardcore. We have caught up with them to premiere the record, get a first hand commentary on the story behind this release, as well as give you a track by track commentary!

The idea behind the title was to find some word/title, that has a meaning in both languages French and German, but we didn´t find something which pleased all guys in both bands and ended up with fin de siècle (end of the century) which is a known term in art and history. It describes the time from 1890-1914 and an awareness of life during that time. Knowing the old era was definitely over, belief in progress, an easy going attitude and on the other hand decadence, anxiety about the future, increasing nationalism and weltschmerz! This feelings found there way into poems, drawings and art in general from France, Germany and other artists all over Europe! It was a time (…) some people might see parallels to nowadays! Whether it´s true or not, it doesn´t have to be that way! You can see this reflecting in the artwork of the record, because we used images and fonts related to jugendstil/art deco.

WuZeTian‘s songs were recorded by Tobias, the band’s bass player in his self-made basement studio in February 2017. The records was mastered by Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg. 200 copies of gold vinyl are available now, so don’t hesitate to contact the bands through their Facebook pages  or the label’s involved: 1000milesintomyheart and Taste The Sword Records.

Photo: UWAGA live. Track by track feature available below the player…


Marche forcée:

“Marche forcée” is about life, and every cadency we have no choice but to follow :

– Scholarship, as a family obligation, and the “have a good job’s” shadow (that will, whatever, finally be tasteless). This song is all about trying to be the best guy around, but with the objectives of other peoples.

– Humanity, which consider itself as highly evolved, but sanctify possession over every others aspects of society.

– The lack of satisfaction, which take its roots in the possibility, for everyone, to buy everything immediately. Everything is purchasable and forgettable. This consumption logic goes far beyond the simple living needs of the peoples and corrode the human relationships.

Teenage Politics:

This song is about growing up and jumping entirely in the work world. Student life and dreams are slowly blurring, has we are learning passionate stuffs that we know we will not use in our next life move (aka : work). This song is also about the acceptation of this daily routine and these shitty jobs, and about using the time that’s left to take care of ourselves and of the peoples we love. “Well I guess this is growing up”.



There are many individuals in our society (us included) that are lost in this modern lifestyle and consumption and, as a result, turn dull in this world. I think the lines that show best what this song is about are the first ones;

dies ist der himmel, alles zu jeder zeit, dies ist die hölle, denn die sehnsucht die bleibt

(this is heaven, everything all the time, this is hell, cause the longing remains)


This track is more personal. For me it means, there are times when you hide yourself and want nothing to do with the world and lay down in self-pity, but after some time and rest you find clarity and get your ass up again! And maybe you´ve grown because of it!

UWAGA split

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