Coronary by Brian Santostefano
Coronary by Brian Santostefano
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Enter the “Violent Era”, by Chicago’s CORONARY

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Sprouting from Chicago’s gritty streets, Coronary has been persistently infusing the alternative music scene with their brand of punk-infused hardcore since 2015. Their evolution, marked with dedication and a touch of reinvention, resonates well with fans familiar with their roots and sound.

Their musical initiation began with a self-titled EP in 2016, an assertive presentation to the world. As with many bands, the journey wasn’t without its ebbs and flows; Coronary has seen changes in its rhythm section, yet their core remains unwavering. A testament to their tenacity, they’ve graced countless stages across the Midwest, each performance echoing their commitment to the craft.

As Eric Baskauskas, the man behind the drums and artwork, reflects, “We’ve been playing most of these songs for over five years now.” It’s evident that the ensemble has seen transformations, with some tracks being penned down with different band members. However, their essence remains untainted. Eric adds, “I like to think the nine songs on this record sound like the melting pot of influences each of us brings to the table… but we never really stray too far from what matters most in life: hardcore punk.” A line from their inaugural EP, “today is bad, tomorrow’s fucking worse,” serves as a poignant reminder of their journey and a nod to their upcoming album, “The Future is Now.”

Today, we spotlight track 6 – “Violent Era.” Ryan Morris, the voice behind Coronary’s potent lyrics, shares a glimpse into the ethos of the song.

He reveals, “This is one of our more d-beat inspired songs about how those in control keep the rest of us at each other’s necks.” Morris doesn’t hold back in his critique of divisive tactics, highlighting how societal unity is often sabotaged, with marginalized groups wrongfully shouldering the blame. “Keeping people blind, dumb, and angry,” he says, has paved the way for larger exploitations, “culminating in war abroad and war here.”

With “The Future is Now” set to scramble brains on October 13 under the banner of Rad Girlfriend Records, the anticipation is palpable.

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