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EPHEMERAL release “Tower of Silence”, a guttural crescendo

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Metallic hardcore band EPHEMERAL

In an audacious echo of South Florida’s rich heritage of metallic hardcore and death metal, Ephemeral, a four-piece cyclone of sonic fury, announces the release of their much-anticipated debut EP, “Tower of Silence,” set to shatter eardrums this May through DAZE.

Building upon the foundation of their impactful self-titled demo in 2022, Ephemeral continues to captivate audiences with an innovative fusion of late ’90s death metal and early 2000s hardcore metal. Their eclectic sound that transcends the boundaries of heavy metal is not surprising given the band’s diverse lineup.

Ephemeral boasts members from bands like Be All End All and Domain, enriching their music with a distinct depth and raw energy.

Ephemeral’s “Tower of Silence” is an aural assault in the form of a five-track EP. Each track stands tall as a monument to the band’s striking ability to blend catchy riffs with massive guttural elements, offering a uniquely heavy dimension to the contemporary hardcore scene.

Fronted by Matt Cody who handles both drums and vocals, he is seamlessly able to produce death metal style growls and pulsating, precise drum work. The guitar and bass lines that comes from three-fourths of the band, Tobby Davilmar (Guitar), Matt Cody (Drums/Vocals), Nick Cody (Guitar), and Alex Keese (Bass), are absolutely maniacal, filled with electrifying moments that are sure to satisfy any headbanger. The lyrics on the record play off the human condition, exploring themes of suffering and darkness attached to negativity.

As Cody expands: “Whether it be war with bombs dropping on innocent lives, or the war within ourselves. Life seems to have an overarching theme of suffering in many different forms and it continues in a cycle. It’s a cycle that many of us cannot grasp the meaning for and sometimes it feels just all too much for the human mind. My main point of the lyrics was to share my negative thoughts and hope that others could connect with the struggle of trying to grasp what our existence is meant for when there is so much suffering in the world.”

Starting with the opener “End Of God”, the EP emanates the spirit of Bolt Thrower, exploding with chugging and fast grinding sections that build intensity effectively. The track sets a high bar, demonstrating the band’s dual talent for crafting catchy riffs and heavy parts, both striking with equal force.

Not to be outdone, the second track “Silenced” stokes the fire, featuring the low vocal timbre of Matt Cody, drummer and vocalist, that melds perfectly with the band’s signature sound. Add in the skillful guitar work by Nick Cody and Tobby Davilmar, the band generates a thrilling variety of riffs and melody-infused lead sections, crafting a unique sonic identity for each track.


The EP also includes the gripping “EonessCall,” a two-minute instrumental delight blending the gritty backbone of Obituary with eerie samples, serving as an intriguing divider within the EP. As the final track “Mortal Eye” fades out, the listeners are left in the wake of a solid EP, awash in the heaviest of tracks and the most diverse sounds in hardcore.

The lead single of the EP, “Tower Has Fallen,” brings a novel perspective to the concept of the Tower of Silence, historically associated with the act of charity after death. Matt Cody explains, “This song was mostly inspired by Bolt Thrower lyrics, which are almost always about war… Tower Has Fallen has a lot to do with someone giving themselves to war (the military) but with no reward, only to be used as a pawn.”

With the collaborative support of Anthony Burke, known for his work with Magnitude and Envision, Ephemeral has succeeded in making a quantum leap from their debut demo. The palpable evolution in their sound is a testament to their commitment to crafting heavier and more immersive music, setting the stage for their next releases.

While rooted in the robust traditions of South Florida’s metallic hardcore and death metal scenes, Ephemeral has managed to carve out a fresh path. Their potent blend of harsh vocals, inventive guitar riffs, and rhythmic precision marks a return to form for the genre, promising an exhilarating journey ahead for both the band and their fans.

The “Tower Of Silence” EP is available via DAZE and digitally on Bandcamp.

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