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CATHEDRAL BELLS recontextualize dream pop, post punk and shoegaze into their own style on “Everything At Once”

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Orlando’s own Cathedral Bells continue to carve their own distinctive niche within the dream pop landscape with their upcoming album, Everything At Once, out today via Born Losers Records.

Having first formed as a solo project by the creative spark, Matt Messore in late 2018, Cathedral Bells has since evolved into a fully-fledged quartet, with Griffin Marthe, Miguel Pais, and Jordan Bermudez lending their talents to the project.

This track-by-track commentary aims to illuminate the corners of Everything At Once, delving into the atmospheric, shoegaze-steeped mist that forms the backbone of Cathedral Bells’ sound, further enhanced by driving drums, layered synth beds, and shimmering guitar chords. It’s a sonic journey that invites you to step into Cathedral Bells‘ universe, a realm of contrasts – bright yet dusky, kinetic yet serene.

This isn’t music that immediately grabs you by the lapels, but instead, it seeps into your consciousness subtly and seductively. Drawing from a broad palette of influences – from the smudged reds of The Cure, to the hazy pinks of Chromatics and the gluey browns of DIIV – Cathedral Bells don’t just wear their influences on their sleeve; they recontextualize them into their distinctive sonic patchwork.

With early singles like “Dark Aura” and “Fall Into Place,” Cathedral Bells strike a balance between the dreamy allure of their predecessors and the forging of their own path. It’s easy to pick up echoes of other bands in their work, but mark my words: Cathedral Bells is more than just the sum of their influences. They blend a nostalgia-tinged familiarity with a push into new territory – a testament to their musical craft and vision.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the mesmerizing world of Ether, track by track.

I Don’t Believe It, by A Beacon School

This is great music to listen on long drives with beautiful scenery or nighttime drives through a major city. This track off of their album “Cola” really inspired me when I was working on the album. I love how the second half of the song is. The guitar tone effects are really unique

Daylight by Harry Styles

I don’t normally get influenced by current major artists but Harry Styles latest album had a lot of offer for me. I think this song stands out & is also kind of shoegaze-y. I really like the transitions and tones. It’s a really special track to put on for me

Have It All by Castlebeat

I was really excited for the latest Castlebeat album to come out. This song is off that album and this stood out to me the most, it was a song I had on repeat and it definitely inspired me in my demoing process. It’s a fun pop and upbeat track to revisit.

Echos by The Proper Ornaments

This track hits close to home for me. Lyrically was very inspiring to run through the speakers while trying to come up with ideas. Also the whole album this track is off of is brilliant.

Cathedral Bells

Knock on the door, by Soft Pastels

I mixed the whole album to the album this is off of (Shutter View). On this track I also added some synth layers. This track is my favorite off of the album and just has some really great melodies. I was listening to this a lot when demoing ideas.

Distorted memories by Oneheart + reidenshi

A really beautiful ambient loop that feels like it has so much emotion all under 2 minutes. I love everything about this track. The analogy warped tape sounds really capture the mood.

Uyea Sound (Dim – D Mix) by The Cure

This is an instrumental demo by The Cure that was recorded in 1990 & it was remastered / released in August 2022 and I listened to this a lot towards the second half of finishing the album. It’s just a really peaceful & soothing track that kept me inspired throughout the process.

Cathedral Bells by @m1lkmansmolotov
Cathedral Bells by @m1lkmansmolotov

Your Home by Kuniyuki Takahashi

This instrumental track has been with me for a while & after listening so many times, it got me inspired to make a few slower tempo ideas for the album.

Nanou2 by Aphex Twin

This is a beautiful minimal piano piece that I’m mesmerized by and it has been my “to go to” track for inspiration. This is one of the reasons I purchased an upright piano and recorded some piano layers for the album.

Who I am by Sugar Candy Mountain

This track was on played pretty frequently for inspiration. It’s just one of those tracks that I connected with and a fun song to play on tour in the van.

Cathedral Bells

Catch the band live at the following stops:

5/19 Hooch and Hive – Tampa, FL
5/20 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL
6/21 529 – Atlanta, GA
6/22 Quarry House Tavern – Silver Spring, MD
6/23 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
6/24 The Meadows – Brooklyn, NY
7/1 The Abbey – Orlando, FL

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