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EROS + MASSACRE / TEMPANO split streaming in full!

Interviewed for IDIOTEQ in April 2015, Spanish screamo / emoviolence band EROS + MASSACRE and their pals from Torrelavega called TEMPANO have launched a full stream of their new split record! Check out the full list of labels involved in this project and be sure to dive into their massive blend of emotions shattered by striking outbursts and epic spasms.

Lifeisafunnything (Germany).
Dingleberry Records (Germany).
Pike Records (Germany).
Unlock Yourself Records(Russia).
Pure Heart Records (Czech Republic).
Don’t Live Like Me Records (USA).
Boslevan Records (UK).
Nostalgia Records + Serigrafía (Spain)
Nonorthzine (Spain).
Saltamarges (Spain).
Upwind productions & zine (Italy).
Unnamed records (Italy).
WOOAAARGH (Germany).
Fxtxpx Records (Spain).

Design for Adrian Alcorta (Maldita gracia).

TEMPANO on the road:


29/05. Usurbil, Euskadi @Gaztetxe
30/05. Angers, France @A Café Latin
31/05. Nancy, France @Les Enfants Terribles
01/06. Mannheim, Germany JUZ Mannheim
02/06. Gottingen, Germany Stilbrvch
03/06. Jena, Germany Kassablanca Jena
04/06. Gießen, Germany AK44 Gießen
05/06. Strasbourg, France @Secret place
06/06. Lyon/Toulouse/Clermont Ferrand – HELP.

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