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Tel Aviv’s hardore pack ETERNAL STRUGGLE drop new power tune “Falling Forward”!

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Born from the overwhelming heat and rage of life in 09 District of Tel-Aviv, Israel, ETERNAL STRUGGLE have been blasting their way around their local grounds since the release of their debut EP “Breaking & Entering 2 years ago. The band has grown in their style, shared stages with acts such as Biohazard, Turnstile, Deez Nuts, Atari Teenage Riot, Radio Bikini, 4 Scums, Kiwi, CDC, and now they are back with a new record on NY label Upstate Records! With their new stand-alone single “Falling Forward” they don’t set them apart from their core traditional NYHC inspirations, as the basic, hard-hitting essence of the game has remained the same, it brings plenty vibes in their own way backed up by engaged lyrics and message.

All of our songs are about the eternal struggle that is living in a society that tries to mold you accordingly to their own needs, wether it be through military drafts, army reserves, war propaganda, orthodox and religious laws that control our country, or the abusive police forces, the social negligence and poor treatment of’s endless. We’re out here in the middle east we are surrounded by primitive sheep. and those who aren’t, are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s very easy to be manipulated in life when your heart is in the right place, especially in an country with an ‘eat-or-be-eaten mentality’. Falling Forward is a song we look at as our PMA Anthem, giving voice and courage to the troubled and post-traumatic youth to stand up for themselves, to find their own voice, to call out the assholes, and to fight for what they believe in. Never get down on your knees!

ETERNAL STRUGGLE new song cover

“Falling Forward” was mixed & mastered by the one and only Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studios. Artwork was designed by Felipe Ruiz Cintra.

Infiltrated with unwanted politics, forced military drafts, and a corrupted police force abusing their power and limiting basic human rights, Eternal Struggle was born with an aggressive message that’s been taking stages by storm throughout the country. Now, It’s not just mindless chaos.

Eternal Struggle are a band who understand the importance and power of being heard through music and have self-hosted charity events where food and first air supply was donated to illegal refugee daycares. P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) would be the root of Eternal Struggle.

ETERNAL STRUGGLE are curently writing new material for the new album that will be recorded later this year and produced by Mitts (ex-MADBALL).

« Debut EP review by IDIOTEQ Texas based contributor Eddie Cantú »


“Are you the police?
No, mam we’re musicians…”

Is the witty, and good-humored introduction which Eternal Struggle chose to open up their 15 minute debut E.P. entitled: “Breaking & Entering”.

Formed in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2008, do not let this first impression fool you. The brief audio clip (twined with a speeding bass-line) is the only moment of humor that you’re going to get during the listen of Breaking and Entering. Musically, the road lying ahead is jolting and the while suffused with an atmosphere of relentless and violent storming.

What stands out the most about this release is the mighty, and dare I say, marching guitar riffs of Omeir Meir that provide the solid footing, as well as the platform, for the mighty chants of vocalist Ori Frank.

Fans of Hardcore and Metal, you will likely notice the strengthening influences of Jamey Jasta (of Hatebreed), and Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly/ect.) on the first listen, but after giving the album a few more listens, I can start to hear the group’s subtle originality coming into play. Instrumentally this album is full of, what-I-will-now-call, Hammer Riffs.

Why, Hammer Riffs?

Because in this style of songwriting there is no mind for technicality and virtuosity; rather the songwriting is visceral and collectively based on aggression. I imagine that these songs have to be energetic, crowd-killers during the band’s live sets. I’ll likely keep coming back down this road when I’m in the mood for a mega-heavy listening; at least until they release new material, and you should too.


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