On March 12, 2012 we conducted an interview with CAP DE CRANIU, a grindcore / deathcore act from Bucharest, Romania. The band got back to us with the answers on August 3rd. See why it took them so long and, most of all, meet of the most interesting Romanian metal bands out there.

Hello, hello. We welcome another great band from Romania. Please tell our readers what’ up.

Hey Karol! This summer we’re up to no good, that is what’s up [laughs]! We already started to bring new ideas on the table, concerning a possible new album. We were stuck with this “I’ll kill if I live” album because of its delayed launching and the related problems.

Cool. Not a big deal. But let’s start with your connection with other bands we interviewed earlier this year. What’s your relationship with COINS AS PORTRAITS and I STARED INTO THE FOREST?

I don’t know yet, we’ve just met [laughs]. They’re nice guys and they‘re makeing insane music wich I sincerely like! We’re from different towns, but we’re going to share stage with both COINS AS PORTAITS and I STARED INTO THE FOREST bands with every occasion we get. We already shared stage with I STARED INTO THE FOREST last month, when launching “I’ll Kill if I Live” in Brasov. We’ve met there another nice local band called THE DIGNITY COMPLEX (worth checkin’) and shared stage with them too. Above all Brasov have numerous metal bands worth checking, like: CODE RED, DELIVER THE GOD, I STARED INTO THE FOREST, THE DIGNITY COMPLEX, COINS AS PORTRAITS, INDIAN FALL, etc.

Cool, thanks.

You lost 3 members last year. How’s the new line-up working out for you? Is everything cool now?

It’s a wonder for me that we didn’t broke up at that time, but we’re very stubborn and first of all me and my brother Razvan (drums) must keep this up, because we’re “in love” with CAP DE CRANIU.
Everything’s cool right now. We got a new bass player and two screaming skullheads and I would call them “fast learners” cause they mannage so great to fit into the band and first of all they brought a fresh and possitive energy. You know… after a harsh winter, comes the spring!

Ok, so let’s go back to your new album entitled “I’ll Kill If I Live”. How do you distribute it and how was it received?

Yeah, we finally released it after almost 4 years. Till now it was very well received and I couldn’t expect more to it, because of its delayed releasing. I wish we could distribute it worldwide, but even so in Romania we just have the CD (or any tipe or merchandise) only at our concerts, but people can write to us and we can send it to them. At this chapter the things are very slow, because we must mannage it by our own, yet we’re oppened for any tipe of collaboration.

How did you land in the Metalfan Records roster? Tell us more about the label.

The thing with Metalfan is simple. I just asked one of the guys there if we can collaborate. We already had the album recorded and mixed (DIY), also two music videos and the graphics (DIY) so I’ve just sent this package to them and that was it.

You played in numerous local bands. Do you still have any side projects?

I play guitar since the ’90s, if I remember corectly. Beside CAP DE CRANIU I play in a hardcore band called H8 (nothing to do with nazzi stuff) that was formed in ’94-’95. We’re actually preparing a new album this year. Razvan also plays drums in H8. I have a death psychedelic horror band called HANG HIM, where I record all instruments and on vocals I have Averac, the 2nd vocalist in CAP DE CRANIU crew. With HANG HIM I’ll have an album released this year as well and probably we’ll release it live (not sure on that one). I still have some more side projects that I’m working on, bestide CAP DE CRANIU, H8 and HANG HIM, but that happens only when I have free time. I also play(ed) in CRIZE and we were suppose to release a new album, but I haven’t heard news about that for almost a year or so.


So as the main composer for the band, how does your writing process work?

I simply play the guitar and when a riff strikes me, that’s when I record it and send it to the other guys. If it’s not only me who likes it, then we go to the rehearsal place and play it in some different ways and that’s how a possible new song is born. Sometimes I write a full song, with drums, bass lines and all that and after that I show it to the guys. But for me, a completed song means more then that. It has to go through many processes. Usually, when we have a sketched song, we record it in a demo version, see if there’s something to change and what are the good things to keep. Only then we can be sure if that is a song worth putting it on a record.

A lot of today’s grindcore and death metal bands sound similar. How do you try to make your style original. Is there such a goal, to diversify your sound?

One of the reasons for what our first vocalist left was because of the album sound, he said something like: “oh and I don’t like the sound, cause we can compare and come into line with the outside bands”, but I’d say that’s one of the things that “they” don’t have, it’s not something that we’re lacking of, so I’m proud where we stand.
 As an advice when you’re writing songs is: “don’t listen to any music”! That will give you an extra point for personality. There are no rules on how you’re playing. I’m not thinking much when I’m writing a song, I’m just pushing myself as far as I can go and beyond and that’s a goal you can achieve. I don’t consider myself a dumb person, but you don’t have to be a smart ass to make good music, because when you’re thinking too much it’s just you, but when you don’t, it’s you playing and that’s another goal you can achieve.

Tell us more about Bucharest’s local grindcore, metal and hardcore scene.

Well Bucharest have a vast scene, full of bands of any genre. You can catch nice hardcore bands on stage like Proof, First Division or Negative Core, deathcore or grind bands such as Deadeye Dick or Days Before Disappearance, or you can catch punk/metal like Mediocracy, Breathlast and so on. We have all kind of metal bands, but there’s no music industry (not in a commercial way of saying) to help them become more popular.

Where can we catch you live this year?

I don’t know yet…so I’m not gonna give you the exact dates and locations, but we’re trying to get on a European tour, or at least a mini tour through Europe. We just have to reise some money and with a little support from Metalfan label we can do this.

I’ve never been to Bucharest, my bad. What’s the best non-music thing about the city?

I’m not going to lie about how beautiful it is to visit Bucharest, yet because it’s the capital of Romania, there are a lot of interest points you can find. You can enjoy the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and see a lot of traditional art stuff. You must see Parliament Palace, the bigest shity building after The Pentagon. You can enjoy visiting the old town area in the Historical Centre of Bucharest, drinking a juice by day, or a lot of alcohol by night. Above all could be a cheap trip.

Any good horror movies worth a watch?

I’m more into classical era of horror movies like Sam Raimi‘s EVIL DEAD or Fulci‘s Zombie series, not saying that the new horror movie productions are bad or anything. One movie you must watch is Takashi Miike‘s Ôdishon (Audition).

Thanks. Do you have any lasting words of wisdom for us?

Thank you for this interview and hope we’ll see you in Bucharest!
 Don’t let the Internet get you, just go and see the music live!

Damn right! I recommend you all do the same! Thank you!

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