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Here’s another Q&A feature in our “Lazy Bands Chats” series ;). Roseville, Michigan pop punk band LIVE IT OUT left us waiting since May 15th, 2012 for the answers. Ok, no jokes, this is actually another band from the South Division Records‘ roster (we recently interviewed THE JOY OF PAINTING and UNDESIRABLE PEOPLE). 

Play their great EP below and check out our quick interview below.

For the fans of our beloved DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS.

Hey! Would you be so kind and introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, I am Seth and I sing things in Live it Out.

So how’s Michigan treating pop punk bands these days? Tell us more about your local scene and please recommend some good bands from your area.

We’re pretty lucky to have a great local music scene because not a lot of people have that anymore. There are so many great bands and venues here, and the kids who come out to the shows genuinely care about the music; It feels good to be apart of something that is still alive and beating like that. UNDESIRABLE PEOPLE, LAST ACTION HERO, GATEWAYS, ACT AS ONE, BIKE TUFF, I could list great bands that we get to play with all of the time, but the point is, there are just a lot of talented people here who really care about the music, and the scene.

You brand new EP called”Illuminated” has been made available via Bandcamp. What do you think of today’s condition of music industry and bloom of digital music?

Digital music really has changed everything. To me, nothing will ever beat vinyl, but digital music is such an important tool. It gives you the chance to push your music out to an almost unlimited amount of people. I’m not going to lie, I miss the days of having 100 page CD binders and cassette adapters in their car, but without this new medium, it wouldn’t be as easy to get your music out to everyone who wants to hear it.

Formed in the late 80s you’re true veterans [laughs]. Tell us your story, including related bands and you other projects.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, not as LIVE IT OUT, but we’ve all had our bands before this. SET SAIL, THE BRAVEST KIDS, LAST ACTION HERO. This band just feels right to everyone. We’ve all met through playing in bands together, so we’ve always had a lot in common, now we just get to hang out and play together. It’s great.

What I truly love about your music is that your version of punk rock reminds me melodic hardcore bands like DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS. I mean, it’s not that you are a copycat, I’m just labeling you a bit. This kind of melodic punk rock led by rough, not childish vocals, really gives me the drive to go faster. So, what’s going on with your full-length? Let’s do some insider trading. [smiles]

I LOVE bands like DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, so it’s really a compliment. We’re not the most talented group of guys, so we write music that means something to us, and we write music that we want to play, which happens to be fast and in your face. As for the whole full-length, we’re probably going to do one more EP before we go down that road. There is a ton of things that we’re still figuring out, like the writing process, and we don’t want to rush anything at all. EP’s just seem to flow better.

Any plans to tour overseas? I bet Europe would welcome you warmly.

There is always a plan to see more of the world, play for more people, experience different culture, eat a lot of food. Europe is one of those places where you get dropped right into the middle of everything. Hopefully the near future allows us to do things like that.

What do you guys do besides being in a band? Are you ready to give up all, in order to conquer the world? [laughs]

Factory workers and pizza boys during the day, heavy sleepers and insomniacs at night, but I think we’re all prepared to “give it all up”. I speak for all of us when I say that we all play music for the love of music, so to get the chance to do what all of us really enjoy is a privilege more than a sacrifice.

What else? Your discography is probably too small and there’s too little about LIVE IT OUT out there. We’re trying to change it a little bit. What do you do to promote yourselves?

Hopefully, the music speaks for itself. There is nothing more important than word of mouth. When someone comes and watches us play live it’s something that we hope sticks with them. Even if one person pays attention, it’s one person that could spread the word. We’re not the biggest dicks in the bunch but we know how throw ’em.

Thanks for your time. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Feel free to add anything else.

If you ain’t first, you’re last.

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