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On March 9, 2012 we conducted an interview with Spaghetti Spaghetti Records, a DIY record label based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pick up a stream, play it loud and take a read below.

Hello, hello. So what’s up? Finally we have a chance to chat. Please, introduce the people behind Spaghetti Spaghetti Records.

Hey, Spaghetti Spaghetti Records is made up of myself (Lee) and two other dudes Grant and Adam. We have a couple friends that help us out as well, like doing graphic design stuff that we’re not too skilled at.

Why did you decide to start the label last year?

The three of us play in a pop-punk band by the name of SEVEN MORE MINUTES. Spaghetti Spaghetti Records started off as a way for us to self release our first E.P. under a name. We didn’t think at the time that it would turn into anything real. Last year we decided that we wanted to start recording and putting out music by other bands and just decided to keep going with the name.

Is Nashville good for independent music? Tell us everything you know about your local scene [laughs].

Nashville is a really exciting place for local music right now. It’s gone through a lot of changes in the past couple years. It was all metalcore before we moved here three years ago. Right now there’s a lot of rad new hardcore bands and some good pop-punk. We also have an awesome indie punk scene or whatever the hell you want to call it. There’s also a good amount of support for locals, cause most people in the scene are involved with music in some way and get it.

We love labels whose job isn’t to own any artist. What’s your policy of signing and then supporting bands?

We like to sign bands for one release with one option. As far as contracts go, we do them mainly just so everyone is on the same page and knows the expectations on both sides. We’re chill when it comes down letting bands do their thing though. We don’t really touch a whole lot outside of recording, releasing, and promoting.

How do your promote your buddies?

Most stuff is online. Social media, blogs, review sites, stuff like that. We also do release shows for everything and try to push the album pretty hard around that time.

Here’s a perfect chance to tease our readers with artists from your roster. Could you please tell us about some of the bands you’ve worked with and releases you’ve put out?

We started out releasing our band SEVEN MORE MINUTE’s EPs “The Manpride EP” and “Locke.” Then we put out a split by CHAINED and IN FIDELITY back in January. We re-released a split on cassette by PROVE THEM WRONG and CAPTAIN AND JACK by the name of “Tourcation ‘99” in February. Right now we’re recording NO REGRETS COYOTE’s debut EP “Bokus is Dead” which will hopefully be out in a month. After that we record a 7” in for CHAINED and have a couple of other projects we’re looking into.

What plans do you have for Spaghetti Spaghetti Records in the future?

Right now it’s difficult to look past May for us [laughs]. We would like to work with some out of state bands at some point. We mainly just want to support the scene and put out music we love.

Vinyl seems to be a strong part of what modern independent labels do. Is this not the case for you? Besides Bandcamp, what formats do you prefer and why? When do you start pressing vinyl like these guys? [laughs].

Dude, nice video! Well, we put up everything we release on our Bandcamp for free download. So far we’ve just done cassettes as far as physical product goes. We have cassettes for “Locke”, “Tourcation ’99”, and are doing them for “Bokus Is Dead”. We all love vinyl and in a perfect world would have all of our releases pressed. It’s all financial. We’re going to be doing the CHAINED EP on a 7”, which we’re really excited for.

Ok, so what’s the story behind the spaghetti? [laughs]

It comes from a Chappelle’s show skit where he chants “Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti.” We thought that shit was really funny. I think it started off as a joke, as most of our projects do [laughs].

Thank you so much. Feel free to add anything you like.

Thanks so much for doing this and supporting local music. Shout outs to our boys in COURTESY DROP, NEST, DIARRHEA PLANET, DEPENDENCY, and EMPATHY.


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