On July 31st, 2012 we did a short chit-chat with Kyle Gamblin, a guitarist of TITAN’S EVE, a modern thrash metal band from Vancouver, Canada. Kyle gave us a few quick answers to our lengthy questions ;) Scroll down to see yourself.

Hey, guys. So you’ve just released your new album “Life Apocalypse”. How different was the part of your lives when you’ve been writing this new joint? What purpose did you have this time?

When we started writing the new album, life was pretty rough. Almost everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong. We drew off that inspiration and wrote how we felt, it equaled “Life Apocalypse”.

Is Perfect Fifth Studios a comfortable place to stay in? How was Sacha Laskow?

Recording in Perfect Fifth was perfect. Sacha is an absolute perfectionist, so it was gruelling but we got the best result possible.

Tell us more the concept and stories within the album.

The concept is about having a complete life apocalypse. The stories are about struggling when you have nothing left, and coming out alive.

How’s touring with ANVIL been so far? Were there any places you’ve been looking forward to visiting on the road?

Touring with Anvil has been incredible so far. The shows have been great! We’ve played all these places before but touring with a band as legendary and awesome as anvil is an experience.

You’re continuing the trek with KILL DEVIL HILL. Canadian dates, as well. How about going south? Any plans for an international tour?

For now we’re working on a tour into Europe for the fall. Hopefully it all works out. Thats where are eyes are set right now.

What support do you get from European friends and fans?

We make most of our sales in Europe. The Germans love us. So thats why were trying to get over there.

What’s pissing you off about the current state of music industry, online music accessibility and the whole classic vision being turned upside down? Have your concept of distributing music changed over the years? What’s good and what’s not about it?

Online music has made it easier to reach people but its also made the music industry oversaturated. Not to mention pirating hurts everyone on every level.

Have you thought about releasing a vinyl edition of you record? What’s your view on the format these days?

We have looked into releasing a vinyl edition, but right now were focusing on basic merch because money is tight. If we make some good money we wll print Vinyl for sure.

What shows you’re going to in Vancouver? Will we have a chance to see you attend a hardcore punk show? Where’s the furthest you’ve gone outside metal genre?

I always go support bands I like and friends of course. I’ve suppported just about every genre becuase I usally find something to like in all music.

Which Canadian natives/musicians are you most proud of?

Jeff Waters of Annihilator is amazing. We’re also super proud of Anvil. Those guys are super awesome and have our full respect. Also local bands like Nylitha and Magnus Rising are great. We also have huge amounts of love and respect for David Gold and Woods of Ypres. We love everything he did.

Looks like you’re still using MySpace? How’s that possible? [laughs]

We just keep myspace afloat. Its still a tool for promotion.

Thank you for taking some time to share your thoughts with Idioteq. Any final thoughts?

Come see us this summer across Canada! Check us out at www.titanseve.com.

Have you thought about releasing a vinyl edition of you record? What’s your view on the format these days?

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