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SIDETRACKED interviewed by Don’t Be Swindle zine

Jay Tichy from SIDETRACKED were interviewed by Jim Walkley of Don’t Be Swindle zine.

Jay Tichy is the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Sidetracked; I’d assert that either live or on record, Sidetracked are one of the best powerviolence/fastcore bands currently in existence. (Should you doubt that, pick up a copy of the new Self Inflicted/Sidetracked split EP on Deep Six, and just try to keep track of how many times you play the Sidetracked side. As for myself, I quickly lost count!) Jay generously took a few minutes out of his hectic daily schedule for an email interview. Now’s the time to get out your Sidetracked vinyl, drop the needle on some wax, and read the following full interview!

Go here to read the interview.

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