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Existence Decayed – Belgium’s xDEVOURx premiere new track!

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For those in the know, Sofia, Bulgiaria’s Ugly & Proud Records has been one of the most consistent labels for the last decade, and we’re thrilled to be involved in the promotion of their new release, the power charging split between Limburg, Belgium’s xDEVOURx and San Diego’s xREIGNx. Today we’re giving you the first listen of “Existence Decayed”, the second new track from xDEVOURx that guarantees chills and thrills, and brims with conscious lyrics:

Existence Decayed is about how extremism leads to destruction of once self, your family, your surroundings, but it is still hard to see this and get out of it. The cover – temple at Palmyra symbolises how extremism leeds to the destruction of the worlds heritage. these people think they do the right thing not realising the historical value they are destroying. But the same goes for inter familial violence. Many victims claim to still love the predator and often deny the beating, hurting and look for ways to defend the mistreatment.

DEVOUR split



Slow process of overpowering
Psychological tormentation

Love distorted, turned to poison
Stockholm syndrome, no way out

Victimized without compassion
Fear, respect, small acts of terror

A facade to face the masses
Alternate reality


Slowly feed the dark oppressor
Admiration and appraisal

Slowly descend into purgatory
Nauseating dependency

Melting away
Existence decayed

Broken down

The band was so kind to explain the content behind their second track called “Hive Mind”:

Hive Mind is about how they all want us to be the same. All our minds are connected, what one of us knows, all of us know. To those with evil minds this would be the ultimate way to control everybody. Politicians try to make us believe they have the right answers, they want us to believe their story so they control us. A hive mind would serve their purpose well. It would make it easy for so many people not having to think for themselves; being indifferent to all that is happening around us.

Pre-order HERE and get an exclusive shirt design from xREIGNx:


“Stir”, the first new jam from xREIGNx was premiered last week via No Echo:

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