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Experimental act SHADY NASTY share new single “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ”

Photo by Kazuya Yoshino
Today, Sydney’s SHADY NASTY (featured in IDIOTEQ Special HERE) announce their upcoming EP, CLUBSMOKE. Following on from their menacing recent single “IBIZA”, they are sharing the meditative and mellow “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ“, a stark departure from the band as they ruminate on the inevitable downward spiral that comes after living large, coupled with a sparse and expansive video directed by drummer Luca Watson and frequent collaborator Harry Welsh.

““R0LL1NH1LLZ” is the comedown,” the band explained. “It is your phone hitting 0% on the long and solitary journey home, each bus stop on the night-rider leaving you more sober than the last.”

Following last year’s acclaimed EP Bad Posture, which saw love from the likes of The FADER, VICE, Stereogum, NME and more, the forthcoming EP CLUBSMOKE signals a sonic and directional shift for the band. A meditation on vlogging, gymming, clubbing and clout, both ecstasy and emptiness are felt through sonic and visual homages to EDM and influencerdom in their harbour city home. As the blur between the group’s online and offline worlds intensifies, so too does their relationship to these accelerated cultures. As entranced as it is disconnected, CLUBSMOKE remains inseparable from these hyper-stimulating worlds. Coupled with a raucous live show, the trio create a compelling niche at the boundaries of alternative punk and contemporary hip-hop.

“The Australian trio’s sound can turn on a dime between ethereally pretty and menacingly dark” Kerrang!

“apocalyptic new single called “IBIZA” is full of menacing reverb and deadpan spoken-word delivery” Stereogum

“One of the best rock songs right now” The FADER

“[“IBIZA”] is characteristically eclectic in style, combining gritty hip-hop and post-punk elements…it’s an intense, menacing track centred around extravagance” NME

“Jittery and tense blasts of sketchy rock that sounds like kids born in the late 90s have discovered some early Helmet or Mark of Cain records. This is good rowdy stuff.” VICE

“[Shady Nasty] coil like a slowly flexing bicep…and the result is more effective for its patience and open-endedness.” Beats Per Minute

Experimental act SHADY NASTY share new single “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ”
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