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EXPIRE interviewed by Rise magazine

Rise Magazine recently conducted an interview with Bridge Nine Records‘ hardcore band EXPIRE.

Expire are an awesome hardcore band from the Midwest in the US of A. They started in 2009, and have been touring and recording pretty much non-stop since. They released a demo in 2009, their Grim Rhythm 7″ in 2010, Suffer the Cycle on Six Feet Under Records in 2011, and they’ll be recording their full length, Pendulum Swings, on Bridge 9 this year. In my opinion, they are one of the most hard working bands around today. “Expire is one of the best bands in the Midwest right now and I love their take on simple and stripped-down yet super fun and heavy hardcore. If you haven’t seen this band play live yet, I recommend you do. In the meantime look up their live videos from Sound & Fury – you’ll be sold. Their Bridge Nine debut is going to be a ripper and I couldn’t think of a more complimentary band for our roster right now. We’re psyched.” – Chris Wrenn.

Read the interview here.

EXPIRE live:

Photo by Ben Hagarty.

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