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Extreme metal/hardcore beast VENOM PRISON release new punishing track!

VENOM PRISON (members of BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL, DESOLATED, and WOLFxDOWN) have premiered a new track off of their new upcoming LP called ‘Animus’, slated for an October 14 release via Prosthetic Records! “Abysmal Agony” is immediately attention-grabbing and an exhausting piece of death metal/hardcore madness that is teasing an oustanding record. Listen for yourself.

Of the new track, vocalist Larissa Stupar comments:

“Animus focuses on the many oppressive forces that, in our view, attempt to control what we say, what we do and what we believe. Lyrically, Abysmal Agony challenges the norms and values that underpin contemporary society. It is very apparent that our preconceptions of mental health for example are governed by what society deems to be madness in the first place. Abysmal Agony sets out to question the parameters and that pre-determination between what is madness and what is sanity. That isn’t a question that too many people want to ask, but it is a determination that governs our everyday existence.”

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