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“Eye for an Eye”- BLACKLISTED are back with new EP of two remastered classic tracks

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Over the years BLACKLISTED have evolved from a straightforward hardcore band into one willing to explore the expanding dimensions of their creative minds. Often forgotten in their story is the sheer power of their early years. “Eye for an Eye” is the beat of that primordial heart. These incredible songs originally appeared on the “Dead Man’s Hands III” 7″EP (the 2003 split with First Blood). Gritty and metallic in nature they were the introduction of Blacklisted to the Deathwish world. Today they still stand as classics of the hardcore sub-genre that they helped shape and define.

Track Listing:

01. Nowhere, USA
02. Eye for an Eye

Eye For An Eye lyrics:

The sorrow that I have I try to hide inside. Cause all that i am is slowly slipping away
The things that I’ve done to get myself ahead don’t make sense in my head some days
Go ahead and judge me…do your best cast your stones
You don’t have to walk by my side I can walk on my own
I’m deaf don’t waste your breath…won’t hear what you say
I’m too dumb to know when I’m done so stay out out of my way
I’m blind…can’t read the signs so don’t waste your time
Because the world goes round…the world goes round and round
I promised myself that I would never raise my fist
But I’ll be godamned it’s come to this
I follow a natural law and this is it
Eye for an eye
Don’t think cause of where I’m at…I’ll pacify
I’ve been like this my whole life
Can only turn my cheek so many times
As everything I am slowly slips away
It’s like I said things don’t make sense
In my head…some days

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