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Fierce Norwegian punk rockers DAUFØDT address oppressive religion and groupthink in their new track

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There’s a whole cadre of underpraised characters to love in today’s independent local punk and rock scenes around the globe. Our unsung heroes aren’t getting top billing, but they are stealing more and more playing time as we simply acknowledge their captivating arts. Our today’s guests, DAUFØDT (Norwegian for stillborn), is the bodily reaction to everything that is wrong in the world, sometimes taking the form of public diseases like autoimmunity, sometimes taking the form of the urge to lose control at a punk concert. We’re pleased to give you their new explosive single “Forbudte Frukter”, heralding a new era in Norwegian punk rock! Mixed by Kim Lillestøl (Honningbarna, Kvelertak, DumDum Boys) at Amper Tone and mastered by Christian Obermayer, the song can be checked out below!

Here’s what the band had to say about the track and its meaning:

The lyrics are about how some groups of people and some societies expect you to fit into a certain box, with a one sided form of cultural and religious expressions, and a one sided set of norms. Groups like these could be extremely judgemental against people who don’t fit into these boxes.

Many of these conservative groups refuse to face their own problems, and rather choose to direct all their energy at for instance the local punk band or artists who challenge their views. All the negative energy they spend on these artists or «freaks» could instead be spent on actually solving their own problems like toxic masculinity, racism or kids not being able to live out their sexuality.

Beacuse three of us grew up in the norwegian bible belt, these attitudes have followed us all our lives. The idea that everyone should fit into a conservative christian macho-mould has in many ways led us to do what we do today. The prejudice and negativity we have met along the way has also led the way for us giving the finger not only to the roughest conservatives, but also to the silent bystanders who facilitate the power of these groups

Because we primarily are a live band, all the recording was done live to better capture the experience of a gig. The fact that there are no overdubs, except from the backing vocals, really brings forward the carefully arranged bass and guitar parts on top of the intensity of the drums.


Ro med båten inn
Til nupenhimmel og solskinn
Her er alt fint, her skal alle ha medvind
Vi nøyer oss med å ta det heilt med ro, bare kast loss, her holder vi oss til vår tro

Spis forbudte frukter
Man elsker de man tukter

Nestekjærlighet gjelder bare noen få
Er du fremmed kan du bare gå
Men hvis du ber så skal du få din daglig dose gud, det vi kan her, sprøyta inn i din hud

Spis forbudte frukter
Man elsker de man tukter

DAUFØDT are: Mads Antonsen Gerzic – Songwriting/drums; Eskild Myrvoll – Songwriting/bass; Eirik A. Reithaug – Songwriting/guitar; Annika Linn Verdal Homme – Lyrics/vocals

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