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FIGHT THEM ALL new EP pre-orders!

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Refuse Records, Koło DIY Records, Sing Your Life Records and Extinction Records present its newest co-release release! Poznań, Poland’s FIGHT THEM ALL are offering pre-orders for their new 7” EP called “No More Orders” and believe it or not, but they are not encouraging you not to order the EP! ;) This guys bring in pure hardcore punk known so well from the 80s. Order your copy via [email protected] or and see more details below.


Side A
1. Intro
2. Wrong path
3. Imprisoned
4. Hard way

Side B:
5. Loud applause
6. Don’t come here
7. Management
8. Stand and stare

Pressing info:

3 test presses (not for sale)
120 white vinyls, different cover (20zł + shipping)
380 black vinyls (18zł + shipping)



25.08. Poland
26.08. Germany (AVAILABLE – GET IN TOUCH!)
27.08. Germany, Hamburg @ Haffenklang
28.08. Holland/Belgium (AVAILABLE – GET IN TOUCH!)
29.08. UK, Brighton @ Bermuda Triangle
30.08. UK, Leeds, Leeds HC Fest @ Temple Of Boom w / Forsaken, Hollow Truth (Irl), Drawn In, Kingpin, World Weary, Hardships
31.08. UK, Sheffield
1.09. UK, London
2.09. Germany, Mainz
3.09. Germany, Hannover
4.09. Germany, Mannheim
5.09. Poland, Katowice

Get their 2012 demo for free:

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