GROIN live in Greece
GROIN live in Greece
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Flesh rippers GROIN unveil their unrelenting assault with new wild album on No Time Records

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From the scorching deserts of Arizona comes GROIN, a three-piece grindcore beast set to unleash their sonic fury with “Paid in Flesh,” their inaugural full-length LP. Just dropped via No Time Records, this vicious offering promises to be a relentless assault on the senses through the themes of corruption, war, and the bleak realities of political decisions.

GROIN’s live reputation precedes them. Having torn through venues across the U.S. and earned applause in Japan and Greece, they’ve built a name for themselves with their merciless blend of grindcore, powerviolence, and hardcore. Their first two EPs carved their name into the underground scene, but “Paid in Flesh” is a different beast altogether, with 20 tracks of unrelenting aggression packed into just under 20 minutes.

Lyrically, the album doesn’t shy away from the brutal truths. As the band puts it, “We picked ‘Paid in Flesh’ because it fits with a lot of the lyrical themes of corruption and war, and how politicians make decisions for their citizens which end up getting them killed or left to suffer.” It’s an album that’s not just noise, but a blunt force critique of the American political landscape, delivered with a raw, unfiltered intensity.

GROIN live in Tucson
GROIN live in Tucson

Musically, “Paid in Flesh” is GROIN’s most ambitious effort to date. While they maintain their signature speed and primal energy, there’s a technical edge that’s sharper than ever. Tracks like “Basilica Bomb” and “Blown to Smithereens” showcase their growth, with complex guitar work and some of the fastest blast beats they’ve ever recorded. The influence of INSECT WARFARE, SPAZZ, and MAGRUDERGRIND is evident, but GROIN brings their own unique flavor to the mix.

The album’s artwork, a hand-cut collage by Jason Spyropoulos, encapsulates the chaotic energy of the record. Spyropoulos, whom the band met during a show in Athens, perfectly captured their vision with his intricate, evocative art.


To support “Paid in Flesh,” GROIN is hitting the road with GENESTEALER (CA) and LIVID (WI), bands that bring their own heavy-hitting sounds to the tour. LIVID, known for their crushing two-piece setup, have long been allies of GROIN, with their drummer even filling in for LIVID’s other project, DIE.

GENESTEALER, another two-piece, left a lasting impression on GROIN during a San Diego show, and now they join forces for what promises to be a tour of unrelenting ferocity.


GROIN are here to lay bare the raw, unfiltered truth of their take on grindcore and their message. Don’t miss out on these guys!



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