Fluff Fest teasing its 2018 edition!

BETWEEN EARTH & SKY by Laiks Apstājieslaiks, klab.lv/users/aicisiv
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Photo: BETWEEN EARTH & SKY live at Fluff Fest, by Laiks Apstājieslaiks.

The legendary Czech hardcore punk festival Fluff Fest has announced first details on its 2018 edition, slated for July 27-29 in Rokycany. RSVP HERE and stay tuned for first bands announcements this Spring!

THURSDAY WARM UP (free entry) + 2 FLUFF STAGES + ALL GO/NO SLOW + PSYCH TENT + INFOSHOPTENT + OPEN STAGE = well over 100 bands from all over world

2 VEGAN KITCHEN TENTS & BAR (one by FLUFF crew plus one fully beneficial for Animal Freedom, local Animal Rights Org) + Vegan bakery & ice cream etc. Must be over 18 for alcohol drinks.

CAMPING & PARKING there is camping and parking at the festival site. free of charge. think about using public transport, Rokycany are located on the main train route from Prague (CZE) to Munchen (GER). the festival site is very basic with chemical toilets and some fresh water, the outdoor swimming pool is near by.

KIDS & ANIMALS there are no restriction on this. we believe our visitors are responsible and know what’s best for their kids or animal friends.

FLUFF 2018!

fluff is annual hc/punk festival run from summer 2000, it is and always was self financed (no sponsors, no government funds – just entry and bar money)

we at FLUFF believe that there is no place for racism, homophobia, sexism or sexual violance in this world
we support animal rights organizations and keep our festival vegan and as environmentally friendly as possible
we believe that people in desperate situations deserve help regardless of skin colour, religion, country of origin or fuckin’ wealth
fluff is self-financed independent event with no government funds or spronsors

Booking: tomas tomas.fluffwheels-at-gmail.com, Psych-tent booking: seekharbor-at-gmail.com, All-gop No-Slow: copywrong-at-seznam.cz, InfoShop Tent: blum-at-veganka.cz, Underdogs: michal-at-underdogsprague.org

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