German NYHC licked hardcore punks SPIRIT CRUSHER reissue debut EP; offer a commentary

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In conjunction with the newest second pressing of The Absolute EP by The Essence label, we have teamed up with The Essence label German NYHC infused groovy straight edge hardcore punks SPIRIT CRUSHER to get some details about the last 2 years of their mission and ask about their plans for the rest of the year.

The Absolute EP will be available on white vinyl and there are 250 pieces waiting for you at this location. There are some packages with a limited longsleeve (35 only!) designed by tattoo artist Simon Erl, so be sure to be quick! Digital version can be grabbed via Bandcamp, Google Play and iTunes.

This essential follow up to the very promising and well received 2015 demo is a must-own piece of crossover. SpiritCrusher takes you right back to the glorious days of metallic sounding hardcore with heavy riffs, groovy beats and meaningful lyrics. “TheAbsolute” flashes one of the kind power, energy and ability you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Artwork by Benny at Druckwelle.

Do you still think this EP is a good representation of the band?

This single still fully represents this band. We’ve played those songs for quite some time now and the power that we feel when we get to play them hasn’t worn off. At all. I’m always superstoked when the intro to Game Changer kicks in.

We dig the vibe of the artwork and are really grateful for the work Adam of The Essence put into the release of the record.

So the short answer to your question is “yes, absolutely”


How was the record received and what happened since the 7” came out a year ago?

People seemed to be really stoked about it. We received alot of great feedback and kind words, by human beings from all walks of life, so it seems to resonate on different levels, which we are really happy and honored about. The first press had been sold out for quite some time and there were quite a few people asking about getting a copy of the record so we are really stoked that The Essence repressed it now.

In the meantime we got to play London, did a weekend in Poland, drove to Sweden for two shows, played great shows with great bands in Germany and all over and met alot of great human beings. Made new friends and had a blast.

Life isn’t always just a sweet ride, but you’ll usually learn more from it than the other way round.
We finished recording new songs for an LP and that leads me into the next question.

What future holds for SC?

We’ll release a full length record with brand new songs on The Essence this year and will try our best to promote it and play some great shows and places.

This was our hardest effort so far and after working on this record for quite some time now it’s a great feeling to have the recording part finished.

Watch out for a song here and there in the near future.

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