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“Listen Up You Nazi Fucks” – a 30-second power statement from KID, FERAL!

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Skövde, Sweden’s screamo / post hardcore pack KID, FERAL are set to release their debut record “Live And Let’s Die” on limited vinyl and digitally via Dog Knights Productions, and today we’re giving you a taste of it with an exclusive premiere of their striking new track, “Listen Up You Nazi Fucks”!

It is quite justifiable that the late 90s / early 00s screamo records from pioneers of the genre like SAETIA, ORCHID, PORTRAITS OF PAST, or TRISTAN TZARA are widely considered to be a defining statement of this particular subgenre of hardcore. Songs were dissonant, emotional, abrasive, filled with high-end screams, and spastic. Then, it evolved into more complex, post rock filled entity with more and more bands blending in post rock and various experimental influences into a new, more engaging entity. Nodding to their roots, KID, FERAL‘s new work is certainly not stripped down to its essentials. Instead of that, it carries the tradition forward, and reveal an emotionally potent record that’s strikes stories with vivid performance and palpable emotion.

Listen Up You Nazi Fucks” was the first song we ever wrote with Kid, Feral in the summer of 2016. We wrote the structure in about an hour, but the song has been re-written several times as we’ve progressed and gotten better at our instruments. It kinda makes me wish we could include each iteration as we’ve gotten better and better, but alas we only include the final version.

The song is about the daze you can feel as a young person in a sleepy small town, trying to break out of the mold whilist noone really cares about you, or your theoretical mold-breaking. It’s also about establishing a space where you feel safe to express yourself. After we attended a black metal gig in our local town some nazis showed up and tried to recruit people we decided to make a statement in case they were ever thinking of showing up to one of our gigs.

Like what you hear? Check out KID, FERAL’s longer take on epic, emotionally driven post hardcore / screamo, the recently released single and video called “Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo”:

KID, FERAL released their debut demo in December 2016:

“Live And Let’s Die” is released on transparent light blue with pink splatter (100) and transparante orange (200).

KID FERAL vinyl 2

KID FERAL vinyl 1

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