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FOLGORE – “Per Sempre Tempesta” EP premiere

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Not everyone realizes that with the breakup of many highly influential 90s screamo bands, there are still hundreds of worthwhile, criminally underrated emotional post hardcore bands out there, one of them being Italian act FOLGORE (est. 2014)! Their debut EP “Per Sempre Tempesta” demonstrates their ability to create monumental poetic arrangements and serves a one hell of an intense and passionate experience. Listen to the full record below and use the comments below to tell us what you think.


The band commented:

We are Folgore. We are five guys, first of all friends, that decided to vent anxieties, fears, frustrations mainly through music, particularly through hardcore genre. “Per sempre tempesta” is our first EP, a job that started more then one year ago and that is finally going to see the light. There are six tracks, each of them has a particular meaning and frame particular moments that led us to the recording of all. A big thank goes to Dario Tatoli, who has recorded, mixed and mastered our Ep at REH Studio Terlizzi (Bari – south of Italy), with Fabio and Pasquale frome the Collective Zebù; Screamore, Upwind – productions & zine and Dingleberry for the co-production; finally, Micaela Franchini for illustrations and artworks.



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