Former S.O.D. members resurface in UNITED FORCES

Two of the four members of the legendary crossover band S.O.D. — vocalist Billy Milano (M.O.D.) and bassist Danny Likler (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, BRUTAL TRUTH, LOCK-UP and formerly of ANTHRAX) — recently started a new band called UNITED FORCES. They are apparently named after a song from S.O.D.‘s iconic 1985 album “Speak English or Die

The band also consists of Nick Barker (also a member of LOCK-UP, and formerly of CRADLE OF FILTH, TESTAMENT, and DIMMU BORGIR) on drums and Anton Reisenegger (EXTREME NOISE TERROR and also a member of LOCK-UP) on guitar, making UNITED FORCES a supergroup.

Frontman Billy Milano on the project:

I’m not out to reinvent myself at my age. I just want to have a lot of fun with this. We called it United Forces because we’re located all over the place, in different countries, but this is something we’re going to come together for.

Bassist Danny Lilker adds:

It’s gonna be really fun to get together with some good friends — who are also great musicians — and play some earsplitting, hardcore-tinged thrash metal! And obviously, we know how to do just that.

Nothing else has been known about UNITED FORCES, but it is said that future plans are to be revealed in the next few weeks, meaning that the band will either record or at least play some shows.

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