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“Found Footage” – Texas hardcore pack DOUBLE CROSSED premiere debut track

Ok, so we have a new solid metallized hardcore pack on the map. Abilene, Texas’ DOUBLE CROSSED have just premiered their debut single and music video called “Found Footage” and we’re pleased to give you its first screening above!

DOUBLE CROSSED started in 2017 with just two members but shortly after became a full band. They’re made up of ex members of STARVE and a current member of RAINCHECK. They take influence from hardcore, 90’s metalcore, and alt-metal bands like System of a Down and Deftones.

“Found Footage” is about constantly feeling like Death is always lurking just right around the corner, waiting to take you or your loved ones, and the anxiety that comes with that feeling. We’re horror fans so we wanted to create a visual concept that would fit that theme, as well as pay homage to a genre that we love. “Found Footage” is the first song we have ever put out so it’s definitely the beginning for us but we have much more in store, and we can’t wait to share it. We’re planning on recording an EP in the spring/summer so be on the look out for what’s next with DOUBLE CROSSED.

Video by Broc Baird


I can’t escape this life
I can’t escape this pain
No matter what I try
Everything I hate
Keeps coming back
Like a feeling I can’t shake
I can’t separate
One foot in my grave

Here I am
Face to face
The hand of death
The reaper’s blade
It cuts through me
And calls my name
The hand of death
It seals my fate

Now, maybe all I need
Is some clarity
To help separate
These demons from my brain

Here I am
Face to face
The hand of death
The reaper’s blade

That cold, dead hand
That lifeless grip
Will I survive
Or be pulled into the bottomless pit?
I choose to live

The hand of death is on my back
But I’m turning away
This is my life
I deny my fate

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