The Divine Demo Tape
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Four subterranean screamo bands emerge from the depths of the darkest skramz caves for a new tasty split dubbed “The Devine Demo Tape”

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Jonathon Collins’ screamo / emotional hardcore act Shortstop, melodic emo post hardcore act Quater Conscious, Rhode Island lo-fi noisemongers Depopulatemontana, and visceral, experimental screamo band fedtodeath have teamed up for The Devine Demo Tape, a wonderful display of 4 different types of emo hardcore that bring their own unique perspective and style to the underground genre.

“My main goal when envisioning this split was to showcase the true diversity of what could only be called “diy screamo/emo.”” – commented Jonathon from shortstop.

“With different bands bringing different things to the table, there’s a really unique flow to the album that has elements of emo music both new and old. When I put out “sundered by the blow” last year, I realized how hard it was to make screamo music in the current scene without getting labeled as something like “open tuning fifth wave twinkly lofi skramz bedroom project,” or some other equally confusing concoction of words.”

“I just really want this release to show people that there’s always going to be musicians making the kind of music we still enjoy, and that we aren’t all huddled around the same campfire in the sonic footprint of previous titans in the scene. That’s not why we’re here in the first place.” – he concludes.

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