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German melodic metalcore act XO ARMOR share new party banger “Pangea”, embody young generation’s anger about the current state of the world

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[XO Armor] (first constructed in 2018 under the prototype name [Coda]) is a nuclear-powered attack mecha equipped with the most lethal sound system in the world. Operated by Christian Hendges – Vocals, David Paucken – Guitar, Luca Schwartz – Bass, and Robin Budde – Drums, [XO Armor] has released their new single Pangea, representing the frustration of a youthful cohort with the present condition of the planet.

The lead lyric of the song, ‘crush this place like pangea’, means that the old, conservative structures of this world should be torn down to give it ‘a brand new face’ – a world in which everyone can thrive despite their ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation or whatsoever. Just like the supercontinent Pangea was crushed and turned into the world we know today (geographically), society’s oppressive structures should be crushed and formed anew. It’s supposed to be a hopeful battle hymn for a generation that strives for a socio-cultural and ecological revolution.


In terms of songwriting, Bring Me The Horizon and Ghostemane were huge inspirations for the band. “We wanted to mix that dark, eery Ghostemane-y rapping style with a Bring Me-like arena anthem chorus.” – they admit. “We chose the house party setting for the song’s video because that’s what the trappy beat in the song reminded us of. Also, ‘crush this place like pangea’ could be seen as a call to tear a place down, as in the context of partying – so it felt like a match made in heaven. We feel like this track could become a proper alternative party anthem.”

The song comes from the band’s new album “Nublar“, slated for a June 30th release via KROD Records.

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