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French screamo band UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS break down excellent new EP “Revenir”

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A couple of years since their hiatus that kicked off following their US tour in 2016, Paris based post rock and shoegaze infused screamo band UN AUTONOME DE PLUS returned last year to reform with a new line-up and release their new EP called “Revenir“, that came out in late May 2022. Returning as a trio and backed with a power bass delivery from Camille of I Am John Baudelaire, the band comes stronger than ever and today we’re pleased to give you a closer look at their newest work below!

Revenir“‘s raw exuberance carries a unique spirit and unrelenting creativity that keeps them on the vanguard of the iconic French screamo sound, and to be frank, far beyond.

Formed back in 2010 the band was an integral part of the 00s European screamo landscape, but despite its firm roots, this new project and their new installment introduces new dynamics and brings a breath of fresh air to their history.

“This EP is the finality of the first set of the new revival of Un Automne de plus since the end of 2021.” – comments the band.

Un Automne De Plus

“It marks the first part of a new concept in which we’re planning on releasing a series of short EPs telling the story of the band in this unique 3rd chapter of our story. The next one will be called “Construire” (Build) and it will come with the same visual, but not the same color.”

Asked about the Trojan horse nickname, the band syas it’s because their music “hides a fracture, a pain, a devastation towards the functioning of society.”

Track by track commentary, by UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS:

“Vous nous avez manqué”

This music has several facets, such as the return of neo (Néo in the Matrix) but which is also the return of Un Automne de plus. The samples of matrix have been following us since the beginning of the band. Then the music heard is not new music but an old piece from an old EP “Ces sombres reflets d’hiver”, the music “Il ne nous reste que nos yeux pour pleurer”. This music also announces the return of Un Automne de plus, in the situation of the EP, the end of the sample “vous nous avez manqué”(we missed you) indicates the pleasure of returning with this EP to present to the public. Within the framework of the sample, Smith is the public and Néo Un Automne de plus and therefore the public who would be happy to regain the Trojan horse.

Presque mort:

It’s music that denounces a society of false hope. The people have expectations, dreams but they are destroyed by small touches and manipulations. This situation leads Man to become a larva, a slave who loses hope and all dreams. We must understand by weapons, not that of war but that of words and actions (laws, reform etc…).

Un Automne De Plus

Que Nous reste-t-il?

In line of Presque mort, once we have shattered all our dreams, what is left to us in this world? Apart from boredom. try to escape, to regain our freedoms to avoid being condemned, blocked.

Autant Se révolter

A logical continuation of “Que Nous reste-t-il?”. We denounce the monarchs of this world who watch us on their golden throne to divide us and condemn us to our sad lives chained to their desires. Up there, they think they’re making the right decisions to save us. so what do we have left except the revolt, to no longer be a pawn.
So might as well revolt.

Note that the music of this EP is edited in a logical sense that deals with a societal subject.

Finally, the EP concludes with “Revenir”.

Reminder of the title of the EP, but which also means the sequel to Un Automne de plus, coming back with a new opus soon.

In this music, we hear a person entering a room with a fan, ambient noise and a person writing, but what? There we hear a rather swampy music, which is a future piece of EP (in writing). Then the sample wants to explain the fact of coming back (Un Automne de plus will come back with a new opus) “I will come back to you as I had promised” but first we are waiting to have feedback from this first opus to release a new even more “beautiful” opus. “so that we can act collectively following our great debate”, the debate being this new opus. “But it’s not the time today” let the listener enjoy this music and appreciate it. This is what this last music of the EP tells.

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