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FREYA premiere new video for “Nothingness Or God”

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As FREYA draws closer to celebrating two decades since the release of their first record, As the Last Light Drains (Victory Records, 2003), they revisit their roots with a bang. The Syracuse, NY-born band unveils their latest full-length album, Fight As One, due to release on September 22nd via Upstate Records. The newest single from the album, “Nothingness Or God“, premiered exclusively on Metal Injection, marking another milestone in their impressive career.

The fresh single “Nothingness Or God” manifests FREYA’s persistent ability to challenge listeners, both sonically and thematically. About this intriguing track, the band shares, “What awaits beyond, at some point, all of the speculation and philosophy about the possibilities of karma, eternity and an afterlife will have an answer.” This existential contemplation adds another layer of depth to the hard-hitting musical experience.

FREYA was born in 2001 when three members of EARTH CRISIS—bassist Ian Edwards, lead guitarist Eric Edwards, and vocalist Karl Buechner—came together after the temporary disbandment of their former group. The other two members, percussionist Dennis Merrick and guitarist Scott Crouse, formed SLAVE ONE, while all five continued with their project band, PATH OF RESISTANCE.


Over the past 20 years, FREYA has earned a unique spot in the hardcore and metal scenes. Their soon-to-be seventh release, Fight As One, continues the legacy. FREYA’s discography has been lauded in leading platforms such as Kerrang!, Decibel, Amp, and Metal Hammer for their unique amalgamation of darkened New York-style hardcore, spiked with a hefty dose of thrash metal.

Erick Edwards, the band’s lead guitarist, elaborates on FREYA’s musical exploration, “FREYA is the perfect vehicle for us to cross over sonically into uncharted regions, to combine styles and retell the timeless stories of the heroes and villains from both the history and folklore of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s an endless well to draw from.”

FREYA new album

FREYA’s new album, Fight As One, invites legendary hardcore frontmen Freddie Cricien (MADBALL), Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED), and Scott Vogel (TERROR) to contribute their signature styles to the record.

The band, having toured with WALLS OF JERICHO, ALL SHALL PERISH, BORN FROM PAIN, and SWORN ENEMY, is no stranger to the stage. Their presence has resonated with audiences worldwide, featuring on MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules, and the iconic Headbangers Ball, as well as the Showtime series, Shameless.

Their upcoming release, Fight As One, is a testament to the band’s relentless pursuit of creating groundbreaking music while remaining true to their roots.

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