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FREYA teams up with Jamey Jasta for new single “Sense Of Doom”

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On the cusp of celebrating two decades since the advent of their inaugural release, As the Last Light Drains (Victory Records, 2003), FREYA, a notable pillar in the world of hardcore music, is primed for a renaissance. They have crafted an explosive new opus, Fight As One, which will see its public unveiling on the 22nd of September, under the banner of Upstate Records. The album manifests as a potent echo of their genesis, heralding a return to their hardcore roots with a vigorous vigor.

Emerging today from the tapestry of their latest masterpiece, the single “Sense Of Doom” graces the ears of the faithful and the curious alike. This pulsating track carries an extra dose of intensity courtesy of the participation of Jamey Jasta, the vocal powerhouse of HATEBREED.

Karl Buechner, the band’s voice, illuminates the meaning behind the song: “In these acceleratingly tumultuous and precarious times, “Sense Of Doom” carries a message of resilience through unity with friends and family. The underpinning ethos is a staunch refusal to capitulate to negativity, keeping the flame of core values alive and strong.”


A remarkable feature of Fight As One is the collaboration with three stalwarts of the hardcore genre. Freddie Cricien of MADBALL lends his ferocious vocal abilities to the eponymous track, Jamey Jasta of HATEBREED imbues “Sense of Doom” with his fiery delivery, while Scott Vogel of TERROR injects a dose of his raw power into “Thousand Yard Stare”.

To understand the story of FREYA, one must journey back to Syracuse, NY, in the early days of the millennium. The dissolution of EARTH CRISIS paved the way for the birth of FREYA in 2001, led by Ian Edwards on bass, Eric Edwards as the lead guitarist, and Karl Buechner lending his vocal prowess. This split spurred the creation of three unique bands, with Dennis Merrick and Scott Crouse stepping into SLAVE ONE, and all five EARTH CRISIS members breathing life into the reinvigorated project band, PATH OF RESISTANCE.

Over the past two decades, FREYA has carved a substantial niche in the global hardcore and metal scenes. With features on notable platforms such as MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules, and the legendary Headbangers Ball, as well as the Showtime series, Shameless, FREYA’s influence is far-reaching.

Their upcoming seventh release, Fight As One, adds another gem to an already illustrious collection that spans Kerrang!, Decibel, Amp, and Metal Hammer. Their distinctive sound harmoniously marries darkened New York-style hardcore with a thrash metal infusion, creating a sonic landscape that is entirely their own.


Erick Edwards, speaking to Final Word Fanzine, poetically describes FREYA’s musical journey: “FREYA provides us with an idyllic vessel to chart the unmapped expanses of sonic innovation, seamlessly blending genres and reinterpreting timeless narratives of heroes and villains rooted in the history and folklore of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration.”

Having graced countless stages across the globe, FREYA’s extensive repertoire of performances include concerts, festival appearances, and successful worldwide tours, sharing the limelight with bands such as WALLS OF JERICHO, ALL SHALL PERISH, BORN FROM PAIN, SWORN ENEMY, ANDREW WK NAPALM DEATH, DRI, BEHEMOTH, CROWBAR and HATEBREED. Their illustrious journey places FREYA firmly within the hardcore music pantheon.

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