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“My Queen” – Italian hardcore band MIND/KNOT share new single & music video

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As the anticipation builds for the release of Mind/Knot’s new album “Esigenza” via Time To Kill Records in September 2023, the band unveils their compelling new single accompanied by a mesmerizing music video.

Titled “My Queen” the single immerses listeners in a profound exploration of the human condition. With haunting lyrics that delve into the omnipresence of anguish and its ability to render one voiceless and trapped in a cycle of emptiness, the song captivates with its introspective power.

The recording, mixing, and mastering were expertly handled by Valerio ‘Fisik’ at HombreLobo Studios, while puntointerrogativo production took the helm for the striking music video.

Formed in Rome in 2018, Mind/Knot initially consisted of Yari Caramore on bass, Simone Perna on drums, and Marco Burrascano as the vocalist. In 2019, they released a noteworthy 7-track EP, followed by their first full-length album, “Eat the Leaf!” in 2021.


Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of 80s hardcore, such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Circle Jerks, both records exuded a raw intensity reminiscent of the genre’s origins.

However, as time passed, the band began to yearn for a departure from the linear confines of their initial sound. Driven by a desire to channel emotions beyond anger and violence, they embarked on a musical transformation. The addition of guitarist Roberto Cadau in 2021 proved pivotal, bringing fresh influences and injecting elements of mathcore, chaotic hardcore, and noise punk into their evolving sonic tapestry.

Now, with their forthcoming album, Mind/Knot embraces their hardcore roots while delving deeper into a more personal and multifaceted expression. Each track encapsulates the band’s dedication to creating a sonic experience that is both punishing and transcendent. Moments of soaring beauty intertwine with moments of unyielding brutality, crafting an intense journey.


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