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“Funeral Rave Party” – experimental funk alt rockers LE CAPRE A SONAGLI premiere new video

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Le Capre A Sonagli, or the “Rattlegoats” in English, is an unconventional musical group hailing from Bergamo, Italy. Since their inception in 2011, the band has established themselves as masters of genre-blending, seamlessly combining various sounds and influences to create a unique musical identity that is entirely their own.

With a strong foothold in the Italian underground scene and an unwavering commitment to musical exploration, Le Capre a Sonagli has taken a bold step forward with their latest album, Garagara Yagi (Woodworm, Audioglobe, 2019), breaking new ground and charting unexplored territories.

Their newest release, “Funeral Rave Party,” is a single that marks a significant milestone for the band as it showcases their first-ever attempt at writing and singing lyrics in English. The track is the centerpiece of their upcoming EP, which is set to be released on April 14th under the same name. With this latest project, Le Capre a Sonagli continues to push the boundaries of their craft, bringing their distinctive sound to an even wider audience.

The persistent thump of the bass drum is incessant and accompanied by a blend of afrobeat groove with a techno-inspired twist. The somber and tense atmosphere is skillfully lightened with Oriental elements, adding to the mystical and psychedelic feel of the song. Although having certain dance elements, the track’s complexity and articulate nature make it stand out.

Le Capre a Sonagli have launched a mesmerizing music video that encapsulates the essence of the single. The video aptly captures the psychedelic overtones of a genuine “Funeral Rave Party.” The band members themselves conceptualized the video, from set design to costumes, highlighting their creative explosiveness over the years.

The single symbolizes the spirit of an obstinately self-produced EP that is set to release on April 14th. “Funeral Rave Party” will be the first installment of a more comprehensive work whose style draws inspiration from uncertainty and trickery, providing a new perspective on the entire musical world of Le Capre a Sonagli.

Funeral Rave Party
Funeral Rave Party

Le Capre a Sonagli made their official debut on April 1, 2011, when they presented their self-produced EP with the same name. This led them to share the stage with Asian Dub Foundation. In October 2012, the band released their first full-length album, “SADICAPRA,” which immediately gained media attention. The album received enthusiastic reviews and was streamed exclusively on La Repubblica XL website. It also received major radio airplay and was named album of the day on RockIt.

In April 2013, Le Capre won the Lombard final of Arezzo Wave, and in October of the same year, “SADICAPRA” was nominated for the “best self-production” category at the PIMI. After about 80 shows during the summer of 2014, the band returned to the studio to work on new songs. In March 2015, they released “THE FAUNO,” a concept album that mixes an eclectic range of forgotten characters and places, evoking lysergic dreams and freak narratives.

In September 2015, Le Capre a Sonagli joined the Antenna Music Factory roster and embarked on a full-bodied tour, which saw them performing alongside some of the best artists in the Italian scene. They then locked themselves in the studio and began working on new songs, this time testing themselves on new compositional avenues that involved tribal and ancestral rhythms. In July 2016, the band met Tommaso Colliva, who was interested in working on the artistic production of their new record.

Funeral Rave Party - experimental funk alt rockers LE CAPRE A SONAGLI premiere new video
Funeral Rave Party

After three months of research to redefine their way of using vocals, Le Capre a Sonagli entered ISHTAR in Milan with Tommaso Colliva and Marco Olivi in November, where they recorded nine tracks in less than a month. The record, entitled “CANNIBALE,” was released on March 10, 2017, on Woodworm/Audioglobe. It is a stoner folk work that connects different stories and themes through the band’s oblique gaze, their distinctive feature.

Two years of touring led to the release of “GARAGARA YAGI” in March 2019. This album features eight tracks produced by Tommaso Colliva, a fearless mix of in-your-face drums and sought-after sonic pantones, and a dreamy meeting between Gorillaz and CCCP in a QOTSA live show.

In April, Le Capre a Sonagli will release “Funeral Rave Party,” a stubbornly self-produced EP that is the first volume of a larger work. The EP’s stylistic code is based on doubt and deception, and it offers a unique perspective on the band’s entire sound world.

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