MOJO JAZZ MOB by Julia Eckel
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Fuzzalicious southern rockers MOJO JAZZ MOB bring back the stoner vibes with a bang!

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Münster based MOJO JAZZ MOB have been rockin’ Germany since 2007 and are well known for their high-energy-fueled performances. Their own brand of stoner, southern, swamp metal and post hardcore infused heavy rock goes somewhere between Scandinavian rock of the 90’s and metal classics of the 80’s with a modern, towering tone. Think of a wild mix of Kyuss, Spiritual Beggars, Black Sabbath, C.O.C., Fu Manchu and Thin Lizzy. Their newest rock monolith combines a lot of today’s heavy music styles without losing the sacred thread of making a catchy rock anthem. This Charming Man Records will release the band’s third album album “..From Between The Fields” tomorrow, but today we have the pleasure to unveil it in its full glory below!

Oktober 2019 – golden sunshine, the wind is getting colder and the birds are preparing to find some warmer places .
Wide fields as far as the eye can see, wind turbines on the horizon and the the good old rehearsal room on a picturesque farm.
This magic place, where foxes and rabbits say good night, is the starting point of MOJO JAZZ MOB´s third album.
Like the wise charming man said: “their newest rock monolith combines alot of todays modern heavy music styles without losing the thread of making a catchy rock hymn.


MOJO JAZZ MOB are: Adrian Busen (vocals); Martin Tollkötter (guitar); Michael Weisser (guitar); Björn Gottmann (bass / backing vocals); Till Junker (drums); Constantin Krass (drums).

Album Credits: Produced by MOJO JAZZ MOB and Dennis Hadrika. Recorded by Dennis Hadrika at Postkamp Studio, Ahlen; Mixed and mastered by Roland„Role“ Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg; All songs written and performed by MOJO JAZZ MOB; Additional performers: Dennis Hadrika (background vocals, keys, organ & percussion); Marvin Lanhenke (outro guitar solo on skyhammer); Cover Artwork by Julia Eckel; Front Pint „Zwischen den Feldern“ by Jürgen Krass at Hof Atelier K

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