Fuzzy 90s rockers THE REMEMBERABLES: pre-European tour interview

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So, last Summer we were introduced to THE REMEMBERABLES, a bbband described at the time as members of Coke Bust, Walk the Plank, etc., “delivering a modern blend of grunge, power pop and fuzzy 90s alternative, reminiscent of Superchunk, Weezer, & Dinosaur Jr.”.  The adagio830 released record not only pays tribute to the early Smashing Pumpkins era, but it also distills that legacy in just 7 gritty rock tracks whose catchiness will remain sculpted in your memory for long.  The time has come and the good lads are on their way for a European tour this May. We caught up with the kind foursome to see how things were going, how excited they are to be touring the Old Continent, and accidentally discovered some exciting news on their new record and plans for the rest of the year. See the details below.

THE REMEMBERABLES‘ European tour kicks off at ADAGIO830’s 21st Birthday Party in Berlin and features a couple of gigs with British post hardcore act GROUP OF MAN. Scroll down to see the full itinerary.

Hey guys! It’s been almost 9 months since the premiere of your amazing self-titled record ( How have you been since last Summer?

Hey! We’ve been good. Did some touring in the US, played “FEST” in Gainesville, and been playing a bunch of shows.

How does it feel to take a breather from heavier tunes? Was it a therapeutic thing to do?

It’s definitely different ha ha. We’ve been listening to music like this since we were teenagers. It’s really fun.

Are you already plotting a follow up record with THE REMEMBERABLES?

Yes! We have a new record already recorded and ready to go. We recorded with Kurt Ballou from Converge at God City (Chelsea Wolfe, torche, Limp Wrist). Currently trying to find a label to put it out.

Ok guys, so you’re hitting Europe in May, but before that, you’ll be having the amazing Damaged City Fest in D.C. Are you all going?

Yeah! Our drummer is actually the organizer. The lineup is really awesome this year!

Damaged City 2018

GO HERE to read our recent interview with Chris Moore and this year’s edition of the Damaged City Fest in Washington, D.C.

What other plans do you have for April?

Maybe a few shows and mainly just practicing and getting ready for Europe!

Ok, so back to the Euro trek, how did this tour come about? Have you all toured the Old Continent before?

This band has never gone to Europe but our drummer and guitar player have to wear it there a few times in their bands. We are really excited.

How do you compare European touring infrastructure with the one back in the States?

It’s much more organized and easier to communicate with people. Between the shows, the backline/van, and merch it was very efficient and came together so quickly.

Let’s dive into some more details about the booking process. Who was responsible for the operation and how much of a struggle it is to book a proper DIY tour overseas these days?

Robert from Adagio830 booked the tour. Can’t think that guy enough! On top of putting out our record and inviting us over he really just took care of everything and it was really really nice. He’s so involved down to every last detail. What a guy!

ADAGIO 21 Birthday Party Show
ADAGIO 21 Birthday Party Show Poster by Julien from Echo Canyon Records

Tell us more about your route and some of the stops you’re most excited about.

We are going all over. Really excited about Croatia, Hungary, and Czech Republic. Playing the Adagio anniversary show in Berlin, playing with Radioactivity and Radiator Hospital in Mannheim. Venice hardcore fest. So many cool shows!

Ok, so lastly, considering all your active projects, what else do you have planned after this trek?

Well after the tour we are back for month and then will be touring the US for another month and going to the West Coast for the first time which will be really awesome. Just trying to stay busy!

THE REMEMBERABLES tour poster by PYLON Network,

05.05. GER – Berlin @ Zukunft Am Ostkreuz
06.05. GER – Leipzig @ Black Hammer
07.05. GER – Göttingen / Dots
08.05. CZ – Prague @ 007
09.05. HU – Budapest @ Dürer Kert
10.05. CRO – Zagreb @ Mochavara
11.05. ITA – Forli / Brainstorming Fest
12.05. ITA – Venice @ Venice Hardcore Fest
13.05. ITA – Busto Arsizio @ Circolo Gagarin
14.05. FR – Lyon @ Le Farmer
15.05. FR – ! Strasbourg HELP
16.05. GER – Trier @ Ex-Haus*
17.05. GER – Regensburg @ Alter Mälzerei* w/ Silver Dolls
18.05. GER – Stuttgart / IndieWohnzimmer
19.05. GER – Mannheim @ Pfingstfest w/ Radioactivity, Radiator Hospital + more
20.05. NL – Nijmegen @ De Onderbroek *
21.05. FR – Paris @ La Comedia
22.05. UK – London @ Old Blue Last
23.05. UK – Manchester @ The Castle Hotel *
24.05. UK – TBC
25.05. UK – Folkstone @ The Waiting Room *
26.05. B – Antwerp @ Het Bos
27.05. GER – Hamburg @ Hafenklang


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