WORRY live by Helen Messenger
WORRY live by Helen Messenger
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Fuzzy, gritty hardcore act WORRY teasing new EP, hit the road next month

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1,5 year since our special feature, Oxford, UK’s gritty, noisy hardcore punks WORRY are back with a new EP “Good Person”! Slated for a release on March 20th, the EP expands the band’s pallette with more raw energy and intensity that channel the excitement of a live gig, nicely wrapped in quality production, but not losing its grit. Lyrically, the main theme behind the record is the idea of what makes someone ‘good’. We caught up with the band to tell us more about how they got where they are and share some details about the new EP.

Joe (drums), Hannah (guitar) and Nathan (vocals) started writing for Worry at the end of 2016, after we started hanging out at Smash Disco shows in Oxford. we played our first show and self-released an EP in summer 2017. Since then we added Luke (bass) and played with bands such as Mclusky*, Minors, Bad Breeding, Single Mothers and Arms Race. As well as playing festivals and all-day events such as Summer in the City and Big Day Out by Big Scary Monsters, Truck Festival, Oxjam, Common People, Hockley Hustle and If Not Now, When? To name a few.

Hannah and Joe have been playing music together for years and recently released an album with their Indie/Grunge band Junk Whale. We met Luke in the Oxford music scene, he plays in a band called Spank Hair largely influenced by the emo revival in the 2010’s. Nathan wants to be somewhere between Fred Durst and Zach De La Rocha but mostly does it in his bedroom.

Ben Turner has recorded and mixed all of our EP’s to date. We stayed over at Axe and Trap Studios for a couple of days to get it done. You still want that raw energy when it comes to punk and hardcore and it’s all about capturing the live energy as much as possible. Ben always has good ideas about sound, he knows how to make it sound heavy and raw, yet clear.

Asked about the lyrical content behinnd the new EP, the band’s vocalist Nathan gave us a quick rundown of each and every track:

Consequences is about questioning decisions you make or thoughts you have. You try to go through life not hurting anyone but its impossible to do that. Everyone has their own wants and needs and sometimes that clashes with your wants and needs. We hold back how we really feel because we are afraid of what will happen.

Learn When to Rest is literally about Nathan at the gym, at the same time it’s about when you hit that emotional wall. You have to remind yourself how far you’ve come and it’s okay to fuck up, it’s okay to rest. But don’t quit. Keep going.

WORRY cover

False Gods is pretty self-explanatory. I try to be respectful of everyone’s opinion but I feel there are systems that so many people believe in, but they are straight up being lied to. Religion, The Monarchy, Brexit. It’s all bullshit.

Judge starts off with me being a paranoid mess, knowing everyone definitely hates me. Then it flips and becomes this anthem of pride. I’m going to do what I want regardless of what anyone else thinks. I still struggle with this now, but I’m working on it.

WORRY by Helen Messenger
WORRY, by Helen Messenger

We are going on a UK tour right after ‘Good Person’ is released. Playing with loads of friends and great bands, the punk scene is alive and well in the UK right now.

Got to show love to our pals Basic Dicks & Scrap Brain but then you have everyone from Game, Overwhelmed, Nekra, Great Shame and Sickones absolutely killing it from all over.

WORRY tour


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