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Ragged riffed, creepy hardcore act WORRY premiere new EP; offer a commentary

WORRY by Helen Messenger
WORRY by Helen Messenger
Since their forming 2 years ago and debut EP in mid-2017, Oxford, UK’s harsh riffed, garage influenced hardcore trio WORRY took the time they required and now they’re back with a fine new EP called “Confidence”! Today, we’re streaming the whole thing below, along with the full first-hand commentary about each and every of the grinding tracks.

The powerfully lo-fi new offering from WORRY knocks 90s grungy heavy rock into a higher orbitthe upper decks with the fury of a punk band, even though they openly admit they just recently figured out how to write a hardcore song. “Confidence” is the most overtly diverse and brash hardcore have ever been, no doubt a result of being open for multiple perspectives, styles and influences. The murky, dirty, and thick riffs drive these songs perfectly and the whole listening experience is a near haunting delight. Dive into it below and check out the band’s full track-by-track commentary below!

“Confidence” is out today, October 5th, via the band’s Bandcamp and abandcalledworry[dot]bigcartel[dot]com. WORRY is: Nathan Ball (vocals), Hannah Watts (guitars), Joe Turner (drums).

All songs by Worry, lyrics by Nathan Ball. Recorded and mixed by Ben Turner at Joe’s Garage and the PlayPen, Bristol. Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.

Confidence is what it says on the tin really. Once you start putting yourself out there, things like rejection and failure become more manageable – It’ll hurt but you have to try anyway.

Musically, we wanted this to sound a bit like The Bronx – short, fast and heavy! Ben, our producer, thought it sounded like Fu Manchu – at least until Nath recorded his vocals.

Small Mind is about that moment when you realise the world isn’t about you. It’s a short angry sounding song – in fact it’s the shortest we’ve ever written – but it’s got a positive message.

The drums in the verse were inspired by ‘Fuck the Neighbours’ by Iron Reagan. We were listening to a lot of Dropdead when we wrote it, so I guess it’s our attempt at a powerviolence song. We recorded loads of takes of Joe’s backing vocals until his voice started to break-up and sound particularly frenzied.

This World is kind of personal but kind of political. Sometimes it seems like the world can be cruel, and everybody is out for themselves, but change starts with all of us doing our bit.

This is our most beatdown-y track, except it has a black metal section (because of course it does) and a little wah-wah guitar noise bit that was particularly fun to record.

Just Friends is about falling in love and the other person not loving you back, and how that person doesn’t owe you anything despite how you feel.

This song is kind of nuts; off kilter verses followed by a dreamy Deftones-inspired middle section, before it ends with some more black metal – all drenched in layers of reverb and distortion. The slow-guitar-riff-with-blast-beats section at the beginning of the song was inspired by the intro to ‘By Endurance We Conquer’ by Thou. Clocking in at three minutes, this is our epic prog track!

Angry & Bitter is about the person who used to be Nath’s Step-dad. Massive dickhead. This is the first song we ever wrote as a band, and it’s still one of our favourites to play live. It’s probably our weirdest song – we hadn’t really figured out how to write a hardcore song yet so we just stuck a bunch of cool-sounding riffs together. That’s basically all hardcore is though, right? The verse riff was written by just trying to play as fast as we could, and the slow bridges were to give ourselves a break! The quiet bit in the middle is inspired by the White Stripes song ‘The Union Forever’ – we wanted something quiet and creepy before it all goes off at the end.

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