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Gab De La Vega “Northern Lights” – a smooth cocktail of melodies with a punchy aftertaste

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Gab De La Vega is stirring up the acoustic rock scene with his latest single, “Northern Lights,” an appetizer to his upcoming album “Life Burns.” We have teamed up with Gab to give you a bit more details about this new era in his craft and you can check it out below.

Dropping on March 1, 2024, and backed by an ensemble of indie labels like SBÄM Records and Sell The Heart Records, this track is a delicious teaser of what’s to come (see the full list of labels below). You can catch the vibes of “Northern Lights” on all major streaming platforms and feast your eyes on its music video on YouTube.

Unlike his previous banger “Off My Chest,” which was all about that hard-hitting, full-band sound, “Northern Lights” sways into a different rhythm. It’s like a smooth cocktail of melodies with a punchy aftertaste, hinting that “Life Burns” is going to be an album with many flavors to savor. Gab’s got this knack for blending the punch of punk with the soulfulness of melody, and “Northern Lights” is a prime example of this alchemy.

Gab spills the beans on “Northern Lights,” calling it a track that dives deep. It’s not just music; it’s a journey through the highs and lows of life, embracing solitude not as a gloomy shadow but as a buddy on the road to self-discovery.

Gab De La Vega comments: “I wanted to share “Northern Lights” as the second single taken from the upcoming album because it is one of the tracks that most reflects the sense of depth that “Life Burns” will have, both in sound and lyrics. Juxtaposed with “Off My Chest” it definitely creates the kind of contrast that can make you realize how rich this album is in every sense of the word. This album represents the most honest and unfiltered side of myself, not just as musician, but as a person balancing between the negative things of life and the drive towards the positive ones, between being right and being wrong, dreams and reality.

“Northern Lights” is a song that plays with emotions, touching peaks in every direction, transforming for example the concept of solitude, presenting it not as a negative element, but as a companion on the journey toward awareness of one’s condition within the complex design of life. A moment of redemption that explodes in the serenity that comes through a deep and necessary catharsis in the human experience.”

The video, cooked up by his buddy and producer Simone Piccinelli and filmed by Joey Gaibina, is a visual treat that mirrors the track’s depth. Shot on the chilly banks of Lake Garda, it’s a perfect backdrop to the song’s introspective lyrics.

Gab De La Vega

Having rocked stages from Berlin to Buenos Aires, De La Vega is a seasoned voyager in the music world. From sharing stages with punk rock royalty to headlining his own shows, he’s a storyteller who knows how to capture the crowd. “Life Burns” is shaping up to be a diary of these adventures, mixed and mastered at La Buca Recording Club.

With “Northern Lights” setting the stage, “Life Burns” is gearing up to be a vibrant musical mosaic.

Preorders are available at SBÄM Records (Worldwide, including their partner stores in UK and Canada – vinyl and CD), Sell The Heart Records (USA – vinyl and CD), Epidemic Records (covering Italy along with Motorcity Produzioni –(vinyl and CD) and Overdrive (Italy –tape).

Here’s what Gab had to say about the album:

Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti
Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti

“”Life Burns” is my fourth studio album and the second full length to be arranged full band.

Pandemic permitting, I was able to explore the full band dimension quite a bit live and saw the potential of being able to express my songs both as acoustic and solo tracks and with the band.

Life Burns” is musically a powerful but varied album. The atmospheres change from track to track and I think it is one of those albums that should be listened to in its entirety, without skipping any tracks.

Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti
Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti

Lyrically it is an extremely honest, sincere and unfiltered album. I wanted to give free rein to so many things that I felt inside. But it is not an autobiographical album. I tell about life, my life, the lives of others, the lives of people who exist and people who do not exist (…maybe!). I also tell, I hope, about the lives of those who will listen to it, because for me it is essential that this album reach the hearts of those who will want to explore it.

The title is an expression as simple as it is meaningful.

Life Burns.” And it really is so when you think about it. In a moment everything can burn, everything can end. And in any case, even if slowly and without disruptive flames, what happens at the end of the day is still ultimately that: life burns, whether we like it or not.

How we make it burn may depend on us, but up to a point. Beyond it, we are in the hands of fate.

And life sometimes burns, in the sense that when we try to grasp it, its force, its vital rush can burn us, create burns on our skin, scars and remind us that at the end of the day, if we feel something, if we feel pain or exhilaration in feeling these flames enveloping us… it means we are alive.”

“I put my whole self into this album, and I really hope that this will get through to those who will listen to it.” – he concludes.

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