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IN SHORTS 📢 an eclectic wrap-up of punk, hardcore, metal & more releases of the week of January 8th

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Plunge headfirst into our meticulously curated roundup of this year’s sickest cuts across hardcore, punk, metal, and a dash of alternative rock. We’ve rummaged through the underground (and peeked into the mainstream) to unearth these stellar finds just for you. Go!

IGNITE teams up with COMEBACK KID vocalist for new single!

Orange County’s melodic hardcore band IGNITE is kicking off the year with a new single and video, “Done Digging the Grave (feat. Andrew Neufeld).” This release marks a first for the band, featuring a guest vocalist, Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid/Sights and Sounds.

Guitarist Nik Hill, the lyricist for the song, describes it as a commentary on the struggle for optimism in a world where hard work doesn’t always pay off. Bassist Brett Rasmussen expressed his excitement about collaborating with Neufeld, noting the perfect fit of his intense vocals alongside frontman Eli’s.

Following their South American tour in late 2023, IGNITE is gearing up for a busy year with shows planned in Australia and a European tour focused on the UK and Spain/Portugal. See the dates here.

INTEGRITY Releases “All Death Is Mine: Total Domination” Through Relapse Records

Cleveland, OH metalcore veterans INTEGRITY have released a new collection, “All Death Is Mine: Total Domination,” via Relapse Records. The compilation, focusing on the band’s recent seven-year period with guitarist Domenic Romeo, features a mix of new songs, covers, and reinterpretations. The set, which includes non-album tracks recorded between 2017-2020, has been freshly mixed by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange).

Romeo shared his excitement about the release, noting the compilation’s significance to his journey with the band: “It’s still wild to me that I got to make records and play guitar for my favorite band. Thanks to Dwid for always pushing me to play better.” Vocalist Dwid Hellion also expressed his hopes for fans to enjoy the showcase of Romeo’s guitar skills.

FYA Fest X hardcore fest wrapped

As Tampa’s hardcore festival, FYA Fest, celebrated its 10th anniversary on January 6 and 7, fans and music enthusiasts were treated to an explosive lineup featuring the likes of Dying Fetus, Sunami, Incendiary, and many more. The festival, held at the Shanna and Bryan Glazer Community Centre in Tampa, Florida, was a vibrant showcase of hardcore and punk bands, with death metal veterans Dying Fetus notably stealing the show.

For those who couldn’t attend, a wealth of videos documenting this historic event are available online, capturing the raw energy and spirit of the festival. Watch loads of them here.

Post-hardcore band LA PETITE MORT / LITTLE DEATH just dropped their latest EP, ‘On Stilts’

The new EP marks a unique addition to their discography with its broken, chaotic yet melodic style.

Alt hardcore punks GOUGE AWAY teasing new album “Deep Sage” with new songs.

GOUGE AWAY, an alternative hardcore band from Florida, has just released two new tracks from their upcoming album ‘Deep Sage.’ The album, which began shaping up in 2019 and was demoed in 2020 in Orlando, encapsulates the band’s evolution, blending nostalgia with urgency, noise, and introspective lyrics.

‘Deep Sage’ was recorded live with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East in March 2023, emphasizing a raw, unpolished sound that reflects the band’s origins.

The album, recorded almost entirely live, captures the essence of GOUGE AWAY as five friends playing together, staying true to their roots while expanding their melodic and abrasive qualities.

Albany, New York hardcore band WRONG MOVE dropped their 2 Song Promo ’23.

It’s been long-awaited, and now it’s available on Bandcamp for all hardcore enthusiasts to check out.

German crossover band SLOPE just dropped their 4th single, “WHY SAD”.

The band is teasing fans with another taste of their upcoming album Freak Dreams, set to hit the shelves on February 2nd, 2024, under Century Media Records.

A blend of grunge’s raw energy and diverse crossover elements, “WHY SAD” showcases the band’s experimental edge, promising a fresh and exciting direction for the new album. The single’s release comes with a video, conceptualized by Simon Blümel & Philipp Jeske and directed by Robin Hückstädt.

Viedma, Argentina’s screamo band mis sueños son de tu adiós share new compelling collection of tracks.

The collection includes a range of songs from various splits and EPs.

Tracks like “bruh moment #49” and “el regreso de barco basurero” are from their split with Geronimostilton. “Cuando los edificios dicen no mas” and “a pesar de…” are featured in their split with 40ft To Go.

The album concludes with “2022viedmadesastre” from their split with Burial Etiquette.

Los Angeles hardcore punk band THE RUNTS share “Fence Walker” with Nothing Less Records.

Known for channeling their teenage angst into explosive music since 2005, after a wild run and a hiatus in 2012, the band regrouped in 2020, slightly more mature but still audacious, aiming to realize their original dream of playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Catch this raw energy live as they play “Fence Walker” at their farewell shows in February.

Tor Johnson Records releases new songs from sad indie rockers LATE BLOOMER

The label has just unveiled ‘Another One Again’ by North Carolina’s LATE BLOOMER. This marks the band’s fourth full-length album, continuing the narrative that began with ‘Things Change.’ While the vinyl release is by Self-Aware Records and Dead Broke Records, Tor Johnson Records is excited to produce the cassette version of this new album.

Fans can listen to the first two singles and order the cassette at Tor Johnson Records expresses their pride in welcoming LATE BLOOMER back into the family with this latest release.

Post-hardcore meets rock’n’roll in new singles from STATES OF NATURE

Sell The Heart Records announces ‘Brighter Than Before’ by STATES OF NATURE, featuring 10 new tracks. The album blends post-hardcore, garage, psych, and rock ‘n roll. Available in the UK through Little Rocket Records and in Italy/EU via Epidemic Records HC.

Created during the 2020 lockdown, the EP features new songs and is available digitally, along with two poster designs. The band thanks Adam Lenox Jr., Alex Beer, Bruno Murakami Arnao, Konglomerat Kollektiv, and Lucca Riitano for their contributions.

Hailing from the vibrant and eclectic music scene of Oakland, California, States of Nature emerges as a post-punk force, blending raw rock n’ roll power with introspective lyricism. The band, formed from diverse influences, takes inspiration from sources both local and abroad to create a sound that resonates with both urgency and contemplation.

RESTRAINING ORDER share live session with AudioTree

West Springfield, MA’s hardcore punk pack, Restraining Order, rocked the Audiotree studio last September, and now fans can relive the intensity with both video and audio releases of the session.

Known for their old-school fast hardcore vibe, Restraining Order members Patrick Cozens (vocals), Dylan Tobia (guitar), Keith Freeman (bass), and Will Hirst (drums) poured their hearts into the performance.

Their Audiotree Live session delivers a raw and unfiltered hardcore experience, embodying the genre’s essentials: hard, fast, and loud.

During the session, the band opened up in an interview with FINGY, Audiotree Live’s host, discussing their New Year’s resolutions, favorite cities, and the roots of their musical journey. For fans of catchy, vicious, and well-crafted hardcore punk, this session is a must-watch and listen.

Crashing onto the scene with a blend of powerviolence and pop, KRIMSKRAMZ label has just dropped their latest offering, the ZANUSSI / ATOMIZADOR – Split.

This dynamic release showcases the intense energy of Valencia’s hardcore band Zanussi and the radical pop sounds of Atomizador, straight out of Madrid.

On one side of the split, Atomizador, led by José, delivers piercing guitar work and commanding vocals. These tracks were brought to life by Andrés Vázquez at Arco del Valle on March 30 and 31, 2021. Notably, the second song is a heartfelt cover of John Cale’s “Mr. Wilson,” serving as a tribute to José’s idols, John Cale and Brian Wilson.

Meanwhile, Zanussi’s contribution comes from the quartet of Albert, Santi, Salva, and Oscar. Their recordings date back to the summer of 2016, having been recorded by Hambre at La Residencia, and later mixed and mastered by Huevo and Jose Guerrero at Plataforma Continental.

This split release is a collaborative effort, co-released by several independent labels including Krimskramz, Producciones Tudancas, Pifia Records, Afeite al Perro, La Agonía de Vivir, and Flexidiscos.

LA punk/power-pop band FOR CLOSURE, fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo (Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze), has dropped their latest single “Moon at Noon” via Mindpower Records.

Their upcoming debut LP is set to arrive in 2024.Drawing comparisons to bands like Samiam, Superchunk, Alkaline Trio, and Doughboys, the band has also announced Southern California shows. Stream the single now.

Washington, D.C. metalcore vets DARKEST HOUR gearing up to release their tenth album titled “Perpetual | Terminal” on February 23 via MNRK Heavy.

In anticipation of the album’s release, they have unveiled a brand new song and video titled “Societal Bile,” directed by Chad Fjerstad.

The track, according to guitarist Mike Schleibaum, is dedicated to survivors and addresses the challenges of navigating modern life. It emphasizes the importance of rejecting negative influences and fighting to find personal peace in a world marked by conflict.

Darkest Hour will also embark on a headline tour starting on February 29.


New compilation from punk rock label Wiretap Records!

Wiretap Records has just released “ATTENTION: A Wiretap New Music Compilation,” another installment of their quarterly Attention charity compilation series.

What makes this release even more special is that 100% of the proceeds (after Bandcamp Fees) will go to the ACLU at the end of the year, making it a meaningful and impactful collaboration with a worthy cause.

HAMMOCK teasing new album with great new tracks!

Hammock is building anticipation for their upcoming debut album, “Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once,” set to be released on March 1st, 2024, on Thirty Something Records.

The band has released three new power-charged noisy punk songs as a teaser for the album. Get ready for a thrilling release on the horizon!

This new track offers a direct and explosive hardcore chorus experience, lasting just over two and a half minutes. It features a driving drum machine and metallic synth bass, with Tobias Osland dominating the vocals.

The accompanying one-take music video for “Séance” was produced in the childhood home of vocalist Tobias Maxwell Osland and features fragmented images inspired by horror films and occult traditions, creating a dark and disturbing atmosphere.

Fans of bands like Health, Idles, Touche Amore, and Converge will find Hammok’s music intriguing.

BIRDS IN ROW and COILGUNS are set to release their collaborative EP titled “You and I in the Gap”.

This unique collaboration was written and recorded in just 7 days at The Apiary Studio in January 2023. Initially, two tracks were delivered for an exclusive 7-inch vinyl included with the French magazine Mowno. This new pressing includes an extra unreleased song.

Birds in Row have a tradition of selling their merchandise at shows based on donations, and both bands have decided to maintain this philosophy online for this specific record. This allows buyers to choose the amount they are willing to pay for the EP.

The breakdown of costs includes studio rental and recording, mix and mastering, vinyl pressing, shipping and customs, silk screen printing, and transport and food expenses.

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New split EP “Winter Split” from heavy hardcore bands LOST TO LIFE and CEMENTED IN FEAR just dropped via 1054 Records.

Lost To Life, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, and Cemented In Fear from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have joined forces to kick off the new year with this four-song powerhouse.

The EP is a face-punching hardcore enthusiast’s dream, blending the intense, heavy sounds of Dublin’s Lost To Life with the raw energy of Pittsburgh’s Cemented In Fear.

Blending hip-hop with metalcore, American artist JAKE HILL has just released his latest EP “Bad Times Friend.”

Known for his relatable lyrics drawn from personal struggles, Jake Hill has built a significant online following from south Alabama to fans worldwide.

This new release is a mix of revamped singles from years past, fresh versions, and a few brand-new tracks, providing a unique twist on his already popular joints.

LA hardcore band COSMIC JOKE is making waves with new album “Cosmic Joke,” out today via HardLore Records and Triple B Records.

The album features nine tracks that blend melodic punch with catchy guitar riffs, drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, and Descendents.

Lyrically, the album delves into themes of consumerism and the perpetual desire for more. The band has also unveiled a music video for the energetic opening track, “Kamikaze,” composed of live footage from a performance in San Fernando Valley, CA. “Cosmic Joke” is available for streaming and can be purchased on vinyl.

METH share new single called “SHAME”.

Chicago’s experimental metal / hardcore  outfit meth. has just released the music video for ‘SHAME’, the gripping title track of their forthcoming sophomore album.

Scheduled for release on February 2 via Prosthetic Records, the album is a seven-track journey through intense emotional landscapes, described as “blistering, visceral agony.” To mark the release, meth. is hosting a gallery exhibition and live event at Thalia Hall in Chicago on the same day.

The single ‘SHAME’, as revealed by vocalist Seb Alvarez, is deeply personal, drawing from his experiences with bipolar disorder and addiction.

The album’s heavy themes of shame, deception, and trauma are raw and unfiltered, a departure from the band’s earlier work which often veiled these themes in fiction. The oppressive nature of these themes is palpable throughout the album, creating an anxiety-inducing atmosphere.

Milan experimentak post hardcore / indie emo band BLAME ART share new EP.

Ontario-based label no funeral records presents “Aneuma,” the latest release by Blame Art. This EP is a captivating blend of post-rock, emotive post-hardcore, emo, and various other genres, offering a unique and under-the-radar musical experience.

Heavy hardcore band LIFESICK share new EP!

Danish hardcore band LIFESICK has dropped their latest EP, “Love and Other Lies,” featuring a heavy-hitting lineup of tracks.

Formed in Fredericia, Denmark in 2015, LIFESICK creates brutal and brutally honest songs with lyrics inspired by the turbulent nature of life. Musically influenced by Swedish death metal, LIFESICK’s authentic and explosive mixture of crushing tones and modern breakdowns create an uncompromising sound and visio

With intense vocals and collaborations with Mark Whelan of Fuming Mouth and Todd Jones of Nails, this release is a straight up banger.

Melodic, emotional post hardcore band BLOOM has released their new single “You & I,” taken from their upcoming album “Maybe In Another Life,” set to be released on February 16th, 2024, via Pure Noise Records.

The song explores the intricate dynamics of emotions and unspoken words within a relationship. It touches on themes of neglected emotional connections and the potential for healing and growth, even in the face of parting. “You & I” balances melancholy and optimism, capturing the complexities of human relationships and the need for personal growth and evolution.

“The Holy Ghost” EP by emotive post hardcore rockers SNAKEOUT is out.

It’s is a dynamic five-song EP that showcases a blend of rhythmic experimentation and pure punk rock spirit. You can also get the full digital discography from Setterwind Records, which includes this EP and more.

Casey, the Welsh post-hardcore band CASEY has returned with their third album titled “How To Disappear.”

This album marks their comeback after initially announcing their breakup in 2018. Casey gained recognition for their emotionally-charged post-hardcore sound, often compared to American bands like Hopesfall, Touché Amoré and La Dispute.

“How To Disappear” represents the final step towards picking up where they left off, exploring a broader and more subtly melancholic reflection on time passed. The album also takes a deliberate shift towards the deep expanses of post-rock and shoegaze.

INFANT ISLAND has just unleashed their latest album, “Obsidian Wreath,” taking their take on screamo to new and darker heights.

Following their artistic direction of darker, harsher moods and sounds, the album presents a relentless and furious composition that explores the state of our planet and the human condition.

“Obsidian Wreath” marks a shift towards a more aggressive and intense sound, in contrast to their previous delicate and experimental arrangements.

CELL, the relentless deathcore outfit from Oklahoma City, is back with their ominous single “Certain Death.”

Known for their brutally uncompromising sound, CELL continues to unleash heavy riffs, ferocious vocals, and rapid-fire drumming that has defined their music since their inception in late 2020.

Formed by members of Mouth For War and OMEN OKC, they made an early mark with their demo “Failed By The Grace Hands,” followed by their debut EP “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” which was exactly as it sounds: relentless, straightforward, and full of hate.

With a recent signing to Unbeaten Records in early 2023, they dropped “Incarcerated By Flesh” and the single “The Heavens Hear Nothing” from their much-anticipated release “The Unbearable Form.” If “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” was a statement, “Certain Death” is the exclamation point.

Acoustic alt rocker Gab De La Vega share new single.

Gab is shaking things up with “Northern Lights,” a new single off his upcoming album “Life Burns.” Set to release on March 1, 2024, through a consortium of indie labels like SBÄM Records and Sell The Heart Records, this track marks a departure from De La Vega’s previous, more intense single “Off My Chest,” showcasing his flair for blending punk’s punch with melodic soulfulness.

Gab describes the song as a deep dive into life’s complexities, interpreting solitude not as a shadow but as a companion in self-discovery. The accompanying music video, a creation of his producer Simone Piccinelli and cinematographer Joey Gaibina, visually captures the song’s introspective essence against the scenic backdrop of Lake Garda.

See more details HERE.

Buffalo’s own melodic hardcore punk band, ON THE CINDER, just dropped their latest track “Smells Like American Spirit”.

This track is a tribute to a decade of DIY house show culture that’s become a staple for the band.

Smells Like American Spirit” serves as the lead single for their upcoming third album, Heavy-Handed, set to hit the shelves on May 7th, 2024, under their label Flower House Records.

Post rockers A BURIAL AT SEA share new single ‘Tor Head’.

It marks the latest single from their upcoming album ‘Close To Home,’ set to drop on February 23, 2024, via Pelagic Records. The track is a vivid instrumental homage to the Northern Irish coast, showcasing the band’s unique blend of post-rock and math-rock.

‘Tor Head’ features intense guitar work and complex percussion, reflecting the energy of the band’s math-rock origins, combined with triumphant brass elements. This release follows their successful 2018 EP ‘…And The Sum Of Its Parts,’ which earned them recognition and a solid fanbase across Europe.

The new album, ‘Close To Home,’ marks a shift towards exploring their Gaelic roots, with a focus on introspection and less on distortion, letting the natural interplay of instruments shine through. The band, originally from Ireland and now based in Liverpool, has matured their sound, moving beyond traditional post-rock boundaries with ‘Tor Head.’

Chicago-based band TRAGIC FIGURES has unveiled their latest release, “Open Sores,” featuring three haunting and atmospheric tracks.

The EP is available for digital download and can be pre-ordered on black cassette through à La Carte Records, with an expected shipping date of around March 11, 2024.

“Open Sores” offers a unique blend of rock, coldwave, darkwave, post-punk, and shoegaze influences.

The recording was done by Matt Holmes at the Echo Mill in July 2022 and was mixed and mastered by Adam Stilson.

The Ghost Is Clear Records presents “Swan Dive” by SYMPATHY PAIN, an innovative band emerging from a mix of hardcore, drone, and experimental pop roots in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The project, initiated by Skyler Hitchcox as a gloomy drone endeavor, evolved significantly with the addition of Casey Hansen (known from Cult Leader), taking the sound into new, expansive territories.

“Swan Dive” is a journey through sound, a deep dive into a cavernous soundscape that the band calls “emo)))”, tipping their hats to the iconic drone band Sunn O))).

This album navigates through minimalist tones, ambient claustrophobia, and peaks of triumph, all while threading a forlorn narrative throughout.

Brazil’s hardcore band DEAD FISH have released their latest album “Labirinto da Memória”.

The album continues their tradition of blending melodic hardcore with sharp social commentary, solidifying their status as one of Brazil’s most important punk rock voices.

Learning Curve Records has just dropped the self-titled debut LP by Michigan’s noise rock duo BRONSON ARM.

This dynamic two-piece from Kalamazoo, consisting of Blake Bickel on baritone guitar and Garrett Yates on drums, delivers anthemic noise-punk songs that masterfully balance controlled chaos with cathartic hooks.

Additionally, Learning Curve Records recently featured Bronson Arm in an article highlighting the “Top 10 Noise Rock Albums of 2023.

Nantes-based band emotive post hardcore punk rockers CIRCLES return with their latest single, “Changes.”

This melodic punk hardcore track draws direct inspiration from the golden age of D.C.’s ’86 Summer revolution, evoking the spirit of bands like Embrace, Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring, and Fugazi.

With heartfelt lyrics and a sound that pays homage to the melodic emo of the ’90s, Circles continues to deliver their signature style of punk and hardcore music.

THURSDAY release live version of “War All The Time”, hits the road.

Beloved New Jersey post-hardcore legends Thursday, in collaboration with Velocity Records, are set to re-release their iconic 2003 album “War All The Time Live” on vinyl.


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The album, initially released on June 30, 2022, has been out of print on vinyl for quite some time. Fans can now pre-order this “can’t-miss” live celebration in various limited-edition color vinyl variants and even a limited edition CD version on the label’s webstore. For those eager to relive the Thursday experience, the album is also available on all streaming platforms, offering a front-row seat to a Thursday gig.

Adding to the excitement, Thursday is hitting the road this winter alongside Rival Schools and Many Eyes. During this tour, the band will perform “War All the Time” in its entirety, promising an unforgettable live experience for fans.

UK hardcore band SPLITKNUCKLE unleashed their latest album, “Breathing Through The Wound,” available on DAZE.

The album has received acclaim for its unrelenting heaviness, jagged riffs, and nostalgic charm.

Hailing from Essex, England, Splitknuckle has been delivering raw, crushing hardcore since 2014. This sophomore release explores the realms of hardcore and melodic death metal, featuring guest appearances from Pest Control and Raiden vocalists, along with a cover of the UK band Special Move’s track “The Sickness.”

Lyrically, the album delves into the theme of coping with life’s experiences, whether deemed “good” or “bad.”

IMPOSSIBLE DOG, a melodic emo punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, has released a new single titled “Sometimes I Want to Chokeslam My Phone on the Floor.”

The song explores themes of frustration and the desire to escape from the overwhelming demands of modern life. With heartfelt lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, Impossible Dog captures the feelings of overreacting and struggling to cope while acknowledging the desire to persevere despite it all. The single was engineered and mixed by Evan Doherty and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

TERROR SHARK, the hardcore masters straight out of Itä-Pasila, Helsinki, have dropped their latest music video for “Hell On Earth”.

The song is a killer track from their 2023 album “13 Tracks.”

’80s LA post-punk/industrial band SAVAGE REPUBLIC is set to release ‘Live in Wrocław January 7, 2023’ on January 23, 2024, marking their first live album in years.

The recording, captured during their 2023 tour in Wrocław, Poland, reflects the band’s feral energy and showcases their seasoned performance skills across their extensive catalog. Mixed by Kerry Dowling, this album not only documents their recent tour but also serves as a summary of their 40+ year history.

Physical formats of the album will include a CD of the full concert, a black LP with over half of the concert, and a limited red vinyl featuring four additional tracks on an 8-inch lathe-cut record, co-released by Mobilization Recordings (USA) and Gusstaff Records (Poland). The full concert will also be available digitally worldwide. Band member Thom Fuhrman reflects on the demanding yet fulfilling ‘Meteora’ tour, emphasizing the unique strength and dedication of the current lineup.

Baltimore’s hardcore punk sensation JIVEBOMB just unleashed a raw, high-energy performance on Audiotree Live.

Recorded on July 21, 2023, in Chicago, IL, their session is an adrenaline-fueled ride from start to finish. Known for their short, fast, and primal tracks, JIVEBOMB’s style is an unrelenting force in the hardcore punk scene.

The session features JIVEBOMB’s signature chunky grooves, scuzzy riffs, and powerful drums, creating a sound that’s both explosive and irresistibly kinetic.

Their performance on Audiotree Live is a must-watch for fans of hardcore punk, promising an experience that’s sure to get your blood pumping.

COOKED, the hardcore punk unit hailing from Burlington, Vermont, has just premiered their straight-up banger “Talk Is Cheap”.

Known for putting the ‘punk’ back into hardcore, they’re a breath of fresh air in a scene that often prioritizes brute force over the kinetic energy that defined punk’s heyday. Since bursting onto the scene with their demo “Good Luck Don’t Die” in 2022, COOKED has been crafting anthems that channel vocalist Bobby Bones’ gritty past into electrifying in your face hardcore punch.

Hidden Home Records just rolled out Rob Lanterman’s new solo EP, “Knock on Wood,” now up for pre-order.

Packing a punch with guest appearances from artists in Ingrown, Shrug Dealer, A Very Special Episode, Wicked Bears, Eichlers, and others, this EP is shaping up to be a collaborative feast. The first single drops on January 16th, but you can already get a taste of Lanterman’s vibe with the previously released track “It’s Like You’re Dead.”

EXTINCTION A.D.’s new EP “Ruthless Intent” hits with thrash intensity and hardcore ferocity.

The record breaks from genre norms, mixing unpredictable riffs and robust vocals. Highlight tracks “Living to Desecrate” and “Morality Bait” showcase the EP’s cohesiveness and rage, ending on a high, furious note. Out now on Unique Leader Records.

Diving into the gritty world of neocrust-punk, ENCIERRO has just dropped their latest album “Doomsday Still Bleeds Red,” unleashed by Grindwar Records.

Hailing from Naarm, Melbourne, Australia, ENCIERRO blends a raw, dirty hardcore punk sound with a relentless energy.

Paris-based post-hardcore band SOMETHING ANIMAL release new video for the single “Bird”.

This release comes ahead of their upcoming EP, Bestial Curse Part 1, scheduled to drop on February 2nd. Known for their chaotic blend of post-hardcore’n’roll, Something Animal has been building anticipation with their previous single “L.I.O.N,” which also received a video treatment in December.

Bestial Curse Part 1 marks the first installment of a trilogy set to progressively expand the band’s sonic landscape. The EP, lasting a turbulent 16 minutes, is packed with powerful riffs, mosh-inducing segments, and compelling breakdowns, all driven by a relentless rhythm section. Fans of groups like Every Time I Die, The Chariot, The Bled, and Poison The Well are in for a treat with this release.

Grindcore pack ESCUELA GRIND has just dropped their EP titled “DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL”.

This four-song collection showcases their rapid songwriting growth since their 2022 full-length album, “Memory Theater.” The band refuses to be constrained by genre limitations and delivers a furiously dialed-in sound.

One notable feature on this EP is the track “Meat Magnet,” which features Barney Greenway. Escuela Grind has a reputation for their explosive live performances, winning over crowds across various metal subgenres. It’s a band that demands to be experienced live.

Trippy post punk act AMITURE share new forlorn track about a final rendezvous with a lover.

This single represents a unique blend of musical styles, as Jack and Coco recontextualize their sound by recording live in the studio and then utilizing looping and collaging techniques to create new songs. The result is a fusion of trip-hop, post-punk, darkwave, experimental, and underground electronic music.

“Dirty” is a dark and gritty track that explores the theme of a final rendezvous with a lover. The accompanying music video delves into the concept of surveillance in our modern world. It intercuts surveillance-like footage of New York City streets and people with more intimate interior scenes, including moments of intimacy between individuals.

Emotive grungy alt rockers BLANKET share new single and video ‘This Abyss.’

The band is teasing their upcoming album ‘Ceremonia.’ Set for release on March 22nd via Church Road Records, ‘Ceremonia’ is an artistic leap for the band, fusing post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative rock influences. Drawing from the likes of Cave In and HUM, BLANKET crafts a sound that’s both ethereal and powerful.

Frontman Bobby Pook brings diverse lyrical themes to ‘Ceremonia,’ from the whimsically bizarre “Nuclear Boy Scout” to the emotionally charged “Porcelain” and “Sea Of Bliss.” Pook prides himself on surpassing the lyrical depth of their previous album ‘Modern Escapism.’

The album, recorded song by song to vary tones and vibes, aims to channel the indie rock energy of their youth with a heavier twist.

Technical punk rockers FABLED MIND has released their electrifying full-length dystopian concept album titled “Project Paradise.”

Rooted in a love for 90s punk rock, this album takes listeners on a narrative journey that explores the consequences of rapid technological advancements in society.

The album delves into the experiences and inner thoughts of the main character, reflecting the human impact of the integration of artificial intelligence with biological systems. It paints a vivid picture of a future where humanity is monitored and controlled by AI under the guise of ensuring happiness and carefree existence.

Ehereal alt rockers PRIZE HORSE are set to release their debut LP, “Under Sound,” on February 16th through New Morality Zine.

This album marks a significant shift from their grittier 2021 “Welder EP,” showcasing a more ethereal and fuzzy sound. Recorded in Loveland, Colorado with Corey Coffman of Gleemer, “Under Sound” represents a sonic journey for PRIZE HORSE, exploring the emotional intricacies of life’s rapid transformations.

The album’s 10 tracks reflect PRIZE HORSE’s evolution as a band, with each member contributing to a unified and distinct musical identity. Drawing inspiration from their favorite artists, they avoid direct imitation, instead crafting a unique blend of genres.

Lyricist Jake Beitel adopts a poetic approach, creating evocative imagery that leaves room for listener interpretation. The band’s sound is anchored in thick bass lines and fuzzed-out guitars, but now includes more nuanced elements, offering an organic and pulsating musical experience. “Under Sound” promises a dynamic and atmospheric exploration, combining heavy rock with emotional resonance.

Koblenz, Germany hardcore pack SYFF share vicious debut single “Broken Record.”

It’s packed with raw energy and a “in your face” attitude that’s sure to wake you up. SYFF’s debut EP is set to hit the music scene on January 20, courtesy of Kidnap Records.

For updates and more from SYFF, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Belgian death metal band ABORTED has announced their latest album, “Vault of Horrors,” featuring the new single “Death Cult” with guest vocals by Alex Erian of DESPISED ICON.

Set for release on March 15th through Nuclear Blast Records, the album draws inspiration from a variety of horror films, including “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Halloween,” and “The Mist.”

The record promises a unique blend of terror and music, with contributions from artists in Cryptopsy, Shadow of Intent, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and more.

Worcester-based alt-rock and indie rock band, NOT BAD NOT WELL, share new EP.

The band’s music draws influences from the ’90s, reminiscent of distorted, catchy riffs and aggressive yet melodic vocal hooks.

Comprising musicians from various Worcester-area bands, including USLights, Herra Terra, Ghost Ocean, Peregrine, and Makeshift Memorial, Not Bad Not Well brings a unique and exciting blend of modern aesthetics intertwined with nostalgic anthems.

Their EP offers a glimpse into their distinct musical chemistry, which evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic when they initially began sharing files and ideas remotely. If you’re a fan of bands like The Appleseed Cast, At The Drive-In, Sonic Youth, or Circa Survive, you might want to check out Not Bad Not Well’s latest release.

Post hardcore band GLASS CITY has released new EP “Hope Ransom”.

The record was recorded at Chime Studio in Glasgow during November-December 2022 and was mixed and mastered by Ross McGowan. Additional programming on the track “New Trauma” was done by Ross McGowan as well.

Greg Puciato, the multifaceted former frontman of the Dillinger Escape Plan, has just dropped his new EP “FC5N”.

Post-hardcore / noise rock band DEAD DOG SUMMER share new single

Kicking off the new year, post-hardcore band Dead Dog Summer from Cakovec, Croatia, has released a new single and lyric video for “Scars,” signaling the upcoming release of their new album set for the end of 2024.

This follows the success of their first album, “A Place of Someday,” which debuted in September 2022 on Geenger Records and later on vinyl in May 2023. The band, consisting of Igor Bistrović on vocals and guitar, Krešo Žerjav on bass and vocals, and Boris Strahija on drums, continues to build momentum with new music and concert promotions.

“Scars,” a track with roots stretching back 25 years to the members’ previous band Britney’s Pierce, delves into themes of growth and the impact of life experiences.

The song encapsulates the idea that dwelling on past traumas hinders progress, urging a break from the cycle to embrace change. Accompanied by a lyric video featuring live concert footage from Maribor, Budapest, Karlovac, and Novi Sad, “Scars” is a testament to Dead Dog Summer’s journey and evolution as a band.

BEING AS AN OCEAN has just released their latest single “Fullness Of My Being”.

The new song comes from their upcoming album “Death Can Wait”, set to launch on February 2, 2024, under Out Of Line Music.

Fat Wreck Chords gets a wild start with Mean Jeans’ latest single, “Something’s Going On,” now streaming everywhere.

This track invites you to a bizarre party set against a backdrop of nuclear mishaps and contaminated cannabis.

Billy Jeans, vocalist and guitarist, draws parallels between the song and the cult classic, Class of Nuke’ Em High (1986). The lyrics of “Something’s Going On” echo the movie’s plot where a nuclear spill leads to mutated pot plants, transforming honors students into a punk gang and causing major mutations to those who indulge. It’s Mean Jeans’ musical nod to this chaotic tale.

Tune in for a dose of mutant punk vibes and gear up for their upcoming album, Blasted, set for release on February 9th.

Screamo band BURIAL ETIQUETTE share new single “Before It’s Too Late”.

Oxford-based post-hardcore band SINEWS is set to release their debut EP, “Reanimated,” on January 19th, via the independent record label Divine Schism.

The EP will be available on tape and digitally. The band, known for their energetic live performances, will embark on a tour to support the EP, including dates in Cardiff, Exeter, London, Oxford, and Leeds. To give listeners a taste of their sound, Sinews has shared a video for the track “The Yawning Door,” directed by the band’s guitarist Thomas Instone.

The EP promises a cathartic blend of discontent and distorted mayhem, influenced by 90s post-hardcore bands like Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, with a touch of indie rock and shoegaze elements.

Norwegian post-punk collective Heave Blood & Die continues to tease their upcoming fourth album, “Burnout Codes,” scheduled for release on January 26th via Fysisk Format.

Their latest track, “Dog Days,” explores the anxiety of late nights in bustling urban environments. The band’s guitarist/singer and main songwriter, Karl Pedersen, describes it as a portrayal of aimless wandering in high-intensity city traffic and a fight against “the man” under the neon lights, reminiscent of a brawl in the classic PlayStation game Tekken 3. Listen to “Dog Days” and find more details HERE.

White Russian Records has released Daniel Brooke’s full-length debut album titled “For The Love Of God.”

The synth infused heavy rock and metalcore album includes a collection of singles that were released over the past 18 months, as well as new tracks. With an energetic and mosh-worthy sound, the album promises an exciting listening experience.

SHORELINE just dropped a hot new single ‘Reviver’.

The track comes from their soon-to-be-released album “To Figure Out,” set to hit the shelves on 23rd February 2024.

These emo punk/hardcore wizards are making their debut with Pure Noise Records, and you can snag a pre-order now.

‘Reviver’ isn’t just any track – it’s a deep dive into the tension between hope and hopelessness, especially when it comes to the climate crisis. The band found inspiration in some thought-provoking Berlin street graffiti: “Resignation is a privilege of those less affected.” Frontman Hansol Seung describes ‘Reviver’ as a shout-out to the non-resigners, a call to stay fierce in the face of global craziness. He sums it up with a line from the song: “If this is really the end, I want it with our fists out.”

SHORELINE, true to their DIY hardcore/punk roots, have been tearing it up live, from squats to basement clubs across Europe. They’ve shared stages with big names like Basement, Silverstein, Spanish Love Songs, and Hot Water Music. Now, with ‘Reviver’ and their new album, they’re all set to take things to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled for “To Figure Out” – it’s gonna be big!

Transcending Obscurity Records dropped their 2024 label sampler, showcasing a diverse range of current and upcoming metal releases.

Touted as their most challenging yet rewarding compilation, it represents the evolving taste and direction of the label.

Featuring bands that are pushing the boundaries of their genres, the sampler offers a balanced mix of styles, with each track reflecting the label’s commitment to exploring new musical territories, even with more obscure bands.

GRADIENCE, an innovative Danish duo, has just unveiled their debut single ‘This Abyss,’ complete with a self-produced music video by member Jakob Harris.

Melding trap-rap with black metal, metalcore, and deathcore, GRADIENCE’s upcoming EP ‘Ironsight’ is set to showcase their unique blend of styles woven with personal storytelling.

‘This Abyss’ explores the toxic dynamics of a crumbling relationship. Gavin Mistry, the frontman and main lyricist, describes the song as an expression of inevitable decay within a relationship beyond repair.

The lyrics, “Let’s decay, I’m not in tune, fucking it neither are you…,” evoke a sense of resignation to the impending end, as Mistry narrates the journey towards finding solace in solitude.

Rebelious punks THE CHISEL share new single.

The Chisel, the punk rabble-rousers known for their high-energy sound, are gearing up for the release of their upcoming album, “What A F*cking Nightmare,” set to drop on February 9th via Pure Noise Records. As a teaser, they have released a new single titled “Those Days.”

Produced by Jonah Falco and recorded by John Atkinson, the album is a dynamic blend of Oi! hooks and hardcore stomp, promising to satisfy fans of all things loud and catchy.

Emerging from the London punk scene, The Chisel has established themselves as one of the genre’s most exciting new bands. Their music, characterized by aggression and melodic punch, sets them apart. “What A F*cking Nightmare,” with its 16 tracks, showcases The Chisel at their best. Graham’s biting-yet-tuneful vocals allow the band to navigate between intense ragers and triumphant singalongs, touching on themes of everyday frustrations, class divisions, authority figures, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals in a chaotic world.

GUILTLESS, featuring members from A Storm Of Light, Intronaut, Generation Of Vipers, and Battle Of Mice, is set to release their debut EP “Thorns” on February 23rd through Neurot Recordings.

The band just unveiled the cover art, track listing, preorders, and their lead single “All We Destroy.”

Formed from a shared passion for experimental rock, noise rock, early industrial, sludge, and doom, GUILTLESS includes Billy Graves (Generation Of Vipers, A Storm Of Light) on drums, Dan Hawkins (A Storm Of Light) on guitar and noise, Sacha Dunable (Intronaut) on bass, and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light, Battle Of Mice, Neurosis’ former visual artist) on guitar, vocals, and noise.

Their sound is a raw, direct response to the complexities of modern existence – angular, self-aware, surreal, and tinged with a hint of sarcasm.

Violence In The Veins label has just dropped their latest release, “Sampler MMXXIII Undisputed Attitude.”

This sampler showcases the best of the underground heavy music scene, featuring 12 releases spanning various genres, from Black and Death Metal to Doom and Stoner Rock.

Stoner metallers NEGATIVE 13 drops new single “HORIZON DIVIDES”

The track delves into the theme of confronting unavoidable problems, blending elements of stoner, sludge, and doom, with a punk infusion.

“Horizon Divides” showcases a dynamic mix of intense, fuzz-laden segments and more subdued moments. The arrangement features a balance of heavy riffs, dissonance, and fierce vocals, epitomizing the band’s dark and emotive sound.

The band’s creative influences range from EYEHATEGOD and VISION OF DISORDER to RUSH and HELMET.

Deathcore act SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY shared an industrialized banger called “The Other Side”, feat. Black Magnet, the up and coming progenitors of the new wave of American industrial heavy metal.

The new song comes from their new remix album, “Relapses”.

Early 2023 marked a significant milestone for See You Next Tuesday with the release of ‘Distractions,’ their first full-length album in 15 years.

Drawing inspiration from Fear Factory’s 1997 remix album ‘Remanufacture,’ ‘Relapses’ is not just a simple remix but a complete reimagining.

The album creatively repurposes elements from ‘Distractions,’ blending See You Next Tuesday’s experimental metal and grindcore roots with industrial, electronic, and avant-garde noise. Collaborating with a diverse array of artists including Thotcrime, ZOMBIESHARK!, John Cxnnor, and Black Magnet, the band has crafted a truly original record.

One of the tracks from “Relapses” titled “The Other Side,” created by James Hammontree of Black Magnet using elements from “I Had the Craziest Dream,” offers a blend of drum and bass style EDM and industrial metal. James’s use of the original guitar tracks and vocals adds aggression to the track, while the synths and percussion bring an energetic 90s Prodigy-like vibe.

In addition to the album release, See You Next Tuesday has announced a U.S. headline tour starting on April 19th in Pontiac, MI. The tour will feature select dates with labelmates MouthBreather, Mutilatred, Noisy Neighbors, Implosive Disgorgance, and THIN.

Jump Start Records is gearing up to release the new LP “How It Should Be” from punk rockers Wes Hoffman and Friends next month.

Meanwhile, fans can get a taste of their latest work with the newly dropped single “A Minute To Breathe,” currently premiering on Punknews.

Originating from St. Louis, MO, Wes Hoffman and Friends bring a dynamic blend of midwest pop punk to the scene. Active since 2017, their journey took a significant leap during 2020’s pandemic, leading to the creation of their debut EP, “Rewrite The Story,” released in January 2022. Since then, they’ve been igniting stages across the midwest and beyond, showcasing their high-octane performances in Canada, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Their sound, a nod to early 2000s pop punk with a fresh twist, encapsulates the energy of youth while delving into the complexities of modern adulthood. Their lyrics explore themes like mental health, relationships, loss, and self-discovery, all wrapped in catchy, hook-laden tunes.

Chicago-based indie punk rock / emo trio HEAVY SEAS is set to release their second album, “Distortion Days,” on January 26, 2024.

This album is a sonic journey that solidifies their position in the alternative music scene. It showcases the band’s evolution and unique sonic identity. “Distortion Days” delves into themes of self-discovery, existentialism, and the turbulence of modern life, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences.

Musically, it captures the essence of Chicago’s punk and emo heritage while pushing boundaries within both genres.

The album was produced by renowned producer J. Robbins of Jawbox, ensuring pristine production quality.

RECONCILER share new single “ART FOR OUR SAKE” via Smartpunk Records

RECONCILER, known for their punk ethos, has just released “ART FOR OUR SAKE,” the lead single and title track of their forthcoming album, due out February 2 via Smartpunk Records.

This new single follows their previously released track “Never Fade Away” and is currently available for streaming.

Delving into the philosophy behind the song, vocalist Joseph Lazzari explains that “ART FOR OUR SAKE” is inspired by the French concept ‘L’art Pour L’art’ (Art for Art’s Sake), which suggests that art doesn’t require a deeper meaning to be valuable.

Contrasting this view, Lazzari believes art is a meaningful dialogue, a blend of soul, effort, and emotion. The track is described as a manifesto, reflecting the band’s commitment to creating art that enriches lives and feeds the soul, beyond just being a commodity.

Demonic hardcore metallers HEXIS share new live EP.

HEXIS has just dropped a live album titled “Live at Soulcrusher Festival 2021.” This release features three live tracks recorded during their performance at Soulcrusher Festival 2021. The tracks, namely “Molestus,” “Opacus,” and “Excrucio,” are now available for streaming on various platforms and can also be downloaded on their Bandcamp page.

For those who prefer physical formats, two of these live tracks can be found on the Flexi Disc ‘MMXXI KAL. OCT.,’ which was released last year through Persistent Vision Records.

VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA, known for their unique fusion of black metal and trance, announce new album.

The new offering is set to announce their new album titled “DEATH RAVE” on Gabber Eleganza’s Never Sleep label.

The album, consisting of 15 tracks, promises an intense live show with mind-expanding extreme digital noise and light experiences, equivalent to the power consumption of 56 guitar amplifiers.

The band, based in Osaka, has been making waves with their digital hardcore performances at techno clubs, festivals, and art shows worldwide, and their visuals are curated by visual artist and programmer Kezzardrix.

Melodic punk bands ACIDENTE and NIGHTWATCHERS have teamed up to release a powerful split album that’s now making waves on streaming services.

Released on December 19, 2023, this album showcases the distinct styles of both bands, blending punk energy and poignant messages.

ACIDENTE, known for their vibrant and socially conscious tracks, contribute four songs, including a cover of Manolo Tena’s “Colgado de tí.” Their music speaks to the need for unity and support in times of adversity, echoing a call for resistance against oppressive systems. On the other half, Nightwatchers present six tracks, including a cover of “J’ai Peur” by Bérurier Noir, adding their unique voice to the mix.

This collaboration between ACIDENTE and Nightwatchers serves as a tribute to Maria Jesús and Kratos, symbolizing a stand against societal fragmentation and a celebration of communal bonds and resilience.

Columbus brutal hardcore infused death metal act TOMB SENTINEL share new crushing EP.

“Endless Anguish” is a brutal fusion of hardcore and death metal. It showcases TOMB SENTINEL’s relentless energy and raw power across four tracks.

FIT FOR A KING has released a new single titled “Keeping Secrets” along with an accompanying video.

The track blends elements of the band’s old and new styles, featuring explosive breakdowns, intense screams, and melodic vocals.

The lyrics delve into the theme of questioning whether people can truly love you if you keep your true self hidden. Singer Ryan Kirby mentioned that the song was inspired by his adopted daughter’s struggles with opening up and being loved for who she is.


KNOLL drop new scary song and video “Portrait”

Knoll, known for their boundary-pushing approach in the metal scene, has just released a new single and an internally directed short horror film titled ‘Portrait,’ from their upcoming album “As Spoken.” The album, set to be released independently on January 26th, is already creating a buzz with its unique blend of music and visual artistry.

Portrait‘ is the third single from the highly anticipated “As Spoken” and features a nightmarish blend of discordant strings and operatic macabre.

This piece is a subversive journey into the theatre of the mind, capturing the essence of illusion and delusion.

Frontman and visual ‘funeral’ director James Eubanks describes the album as a matured effort, showcasing greater reserve and focus compared to their previous works.

Alt rockin’ emo band A REALLY COOL HAT share debut EP.

Alfred Davis, a talented musician known for his role as the drummer and lead singer in the Boston-based Emo band Dance With Leland, has taken a new direction in his solo career. Formerly releasing music under the moniker “Maybe I Won’t,” Alfred has rebranded himself as “A Really Cool Hat.”

This change reflects his desire to embark on a fresh musical journey, free from the constraints of his earlier acoustic solo work. Expect exciting new music and artistic evolution from this talented artist as he continues to explore his musical horizons as A Really Cool Hat.

Metalcore band DEFOCUS announce their upcoming album, “There Is a Place for Me on Earth,” scheduled for release on March 1 via Arising Empire.

The announcement comes with the release of their electrifying single “Flatlines,” following their previous tracks “Biased,” “Let the Bond Be My Grave,” and “Crooked Mind.” This new release offers a thrilling glimpse of what’s to come from the band.

DEFOCUS, comprised of members Simon Müller, Jeffrey Uhlmann, Jonas Mahler, and Marcel “Bambam” Heberling, hails from Aalen and made their mark in 2019 with energetic live performances and their debut album, “In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same.”

Post-metal pioneers BIPOLAR ARCHITECTURE unleash the video for ‘Metaphysicize’.

A thundering single from their upcoming self-titled album, set to drop on February 2nd, 2024, via Pelagic Records in Berlin.

This single, a potent mix of glacial half-time breakdowns, intricate polyrhythmic post-rock layers, and intense vocal howls from frontman Sarp Keski, serves as a bold declaration from the band, which straddles both Istanbul and Berlin.

Emerging from the remnants of the death-metal group Heretic Soul in 2020, Bipolar Architecture has evolved, infusing their sound with the raw edge of hardcore and the expansive feel of post-rock.

This fresh approach, first showcased in their 2022 debut album ‘Depressionland’, has been turning heads and capturing attention in the metal world, marking ‘Metaphysicize’ as a track not to be missed for fans of deep, dynamic post-metal.

Norwegian band BOKASSA bursts into the new year with their latest single, “The Ending Starts Today”

Fresh off a tour with Therapy? and just in time for 2024, BOKASSA delivers what they describe as a “demotivational poster” in song form. The single, dripping with pessimism and heavy riffs, is a fitting anthem for those embracing a more cynical outlook on the new year.

“The Ending Starts Today” is a preview of BOKASSA’s upcoming album, All Out Of Dreams, set to release on February 16th through Indie Recordings.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Denmark, the album promises a rich, energetic sound. Adding to the excitement, the album features guest appearances from Lou Koller of NYHC legends Sick Of It All and Aaron Beam from stoner rock band Red Fang, marking a first for the band in terms of collaborations.

Solid State and Tooth & Nail Records have just announced the addition of UK band ACRES to their lineup.

Accompanying this news is the release of ACRES’ new single and music video, “A Different Shade Of Misery.” The track, produced by Landon Tewers of The Plot in You, is a blend of brutal and melodic elements, offering an exciting listening experience.

Vocalist Ben Lumber explains that “A Different Shade Of Misery” is a deeply personal song about confronting inner demons and regaining self-control. Written during a low point in his life, the song reflects an internal struggle and marks a new musical direction for ACRES. The band views this song as the beginning of a new era, continuing their tradition of evolving with each release.

ACRES is set to tour this winter, supporting Holding Absence, along with fellow bands Capstan and Casey. This tour follows the success of their 2019 album, “Lonely World,” which saw the band playing their biggest shows to date. In the wake of the uncertainty that enveloped the world, ACRES chose to take their time to craft their next project thoughtfully. The result is their forthcoming album, “Burning Throne,” which promises to be a meticulously crafted representation of self-discovery and introspection.

Nashville’s PALM GHOSTS, known for their cinematic dream pop and new wave vibes, just released a new video from their latest album, “I Love You, Burn In Hell.”

The album, a mix of discontent and disillusionment themes set to melodic tunes, was launched through a collaboration with Sweet Cheetah Records, Poptek Records, Sell The Heart Records, and Engineer Records for EU/UK audiences on November 10.

Guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Douglas describes the song as a narrative about a criminal with multiple personalities, manipulating his doctor’s desire for fame. This fresh release showcases Palm Ghosts’ knack for blending ’80s prom-like melodies with the brooding aura of post-punk, a stark contrast to the typical honky-tonk sounds of Nashville.

Italian grindcore trio NEID is set to release a cover EP titled “Still Offensive” on March 15th, 2024, through Time To Kill Records.

With this EP, NEID pays homage to the Italian hardcore scene of the nineties. The first single from the EP, “Colpire” (originally by Contrasto), is available for streaming. The band chose to cover Contrasto’s iconic and furious song as a tribute to their long-lasting friendship and shared commitment to militant hardcore.

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California-based emo/post-hardcore outfit DOWN AGAIN has unveiled their latest single, “Voices”.

The band, consisting of longtime friends who share a passion for outdoor activities like skating, surfing, and hiking, is known for its emotionally charged music.

Their debut LP, “The Devil is a Gentlemen,” released in June, delves into themes such as questioning faith, loss, infidelity, and mental health. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Down Again released a “Live Acoustic Session” in March 2021 to capture the essence of their songs in a raw and live acoustic format.

Drawing inspiration from early 2000s favorites like Brand New, Underoath, Thrice, and Manchester Orchestra, Down Again infuses their music with a blend of emotions and influences that resonate with fans of the genre. The band’s lineup includes Lenny Costa (vocals/guitar), Lucas Garcia (vocals/guitar/drums/keys), and Alex Wechter (bass).

MINDSLAVER, the hardcore metalcore outfit from Hamburg, is back with a bang, unleashing their latest EP “Deceptive Thoughts”.

Keeping the spirit of old school metalcore alive within their modern hardcore tracks, this 5-song EP promises a gut-punch of raw energy and shredding riffs. Get ready to have your mind enslaved!

ENEMIC INTERIOR, the Catalan punk act known for its introspective lyrics and bittersweet melodies, drops a new single “Pilars de la decadència”.

Channeling the raw and personal energy from their early demos into this latest release, the band continues to defy punk norms with their somber yet melodic sound, capturing the essence of Post-Punk with a unique twist.

This track is not just a song, it’s a rebellion in melody – catchy, gloomy, and utterly desperate. Get ready to dive into their world of sonic anarchy.

KING YOSEF drops his latest track “Cut the Cord,” a continuation of his powerful album “An Underlying Hum.”

With top-tier production credits and a tour with giants like HEALTH on the horizon, Yosef’s new release is a raw industrial-metal anthem for transformation and strength. Perfect for fans of a heavier, more introspective sound.

HANXIETY, the dynamic duo known for their garage punk with a stoner edge, just dropped their new album today.

Naked Pigeon and Hi-Head Hat, the heart and soul of the band, continue to deliver their signature raw and gritty sound.

This album is a culmination of their decade-plus journey, a deep dive into their dark, sludgy, and groove-infused music that’s as much a personal catharsis as it is a sonic exploration.

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