Hungarian hardcore punk bands GARGA PITIC and TŰRÉSHATÁR are looking for shows in Europe. See the official word from GARGA PITIC below. Spread the word via your local punk channels.

We are looking for show for our EU tour in Slovakia in 16th may.
We play some crust/hardcorepunk (at now we have also a trompet player so the music gets some new “sick” flavour, but don’t worry haven’t become more melodic). Will be on tour with Tűréshatár (also from Hungary) which plays some raw hardcore punk.

Both bands are really taking part in the local scene make club, booking shows, writing zines and blogs and are involved into social activism. Both
band’s songs are about politics, global problems, anti war/capitalism, animal liberation, D.I.Y., and society critical. You can wrote them on our sites in English language too.

Anyway, we have just minimal needs like vegetarian food, a place to sleep and some money for gas.

We can take a full back line (full drum set, amps, cabinets) we need only amps for sing (screaming haha). The local band can use our stuff of course.

There are total 9 people in the bands, we travel with a 9 persons van together.

You can read about us in swedish Schizofrehn fanzine #7:

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