CLEANSING by Jan Suominen
CLEANSING by Jan Suominen
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Fiery Finnish metalcore pack CLEANSING unleashes ‘Throne of Misery’

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Metalcore / metallic hardcore quintet, CLEANSING, hailing from Finland, have just let loose their latest single this July 2023. CLEANSING is a band that has consistently commanded attention, particularly after their hard-hitting demo release in 2019, which was labeled as “raw metalcore straight edge beast“, leaving a strong impression on the metalcore and metallic hardcore scene.

CLEANSING’s debut that year was met with praise, their music being applauded for its resonating riffs that paid homage to the legacy of 90s metalcore, vegan and metallized hardcore straight edge acts. The EP, released through German label Bound by Modern Age, reflected more than just the band’s musical prowess but also its deep-rooted intentions.

CLEANSING by Jan Suominen
CLEANSING by Jan Suominen

In 2020, the band introduced listeners to the world of CLEANSING’s unfiltered beliefs in their EP “Dark Current”. The record was a compelling blend of metal and hardcore, reflecting the band’s influences across multiple genres and eras. It showcased their refined, gloomier sound both musically and lyrically, pushing boundaries while exploring themes of addiction, loneliness, and confinement.

Now, the Finnish metallic hardcore band is back with their brand new single. The band, with its current lineup, has been channeling influences from legendary metal bands and the profound Finnish hardcore scene, aiming to deliver a sound that is emotionally charged, vile, and relevant to current trends.

Throne of Misery‘ is the lead single from their anticipated debut full-length album, set for release later in 2023.

The record promises to take listeners on a journey through our darkened minds, battling themes like loneliness, addiction, and confinement.

Throne of Misery

The title track stands as a pinnacle for these themes, echoing through vacant chambers in a song soaked in resentment and loneliness. It is a perfect introduction to the album that encapsulates the essence of CLEANSING – a band that continues to evolve while staying true to their metalcore roots.

With their unique fusion of metal and hardcore, CLEANSING is truly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene. As they prepare for their upcoming album, listeners can only wait in anticipation to see what the Finnish band has in store.

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