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German groovy hardcore sickos SLOPE premiere new wicked song and video “Trainsurfing”

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“Trainsurfing” by groovy hardcore fun pack SLOPE is a lyrical punch straight to the face of nowadays society. With their own mix of hardcore and punk Slope open up new opportunities for the European hardcore scene. With their unique sound they gain new listeners from all kind of genres, mainly based into hardcore they also attract to the Skate Scene, Crossover, Nu Metal and even Funk Rock. If Slope would have started in the late 90s they probably would have ended up on the soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater !

Comments the band: “”TRAINSURFING” is the official third release of our upcoming album “Street Heat” on BDHW Records. We put a lot of effort into the creation of this video and found a strange way that is definitely needed within this extremely strange times.

Around 1704 pictures (not to mention the ones deleted), shot on an high end HP ScanJet 6100C Flatbed Scanner straight out of the early 2000’s.

Never thought we could be this ugly haha :D

When this shit is over we gonna tour every f***king club and festival possible, we are still the same 5 dudes doin the same weird shit.
The sweetest honey won’t make us change”

“Trainsurfing” LYRICS

We are young
We are trying
Leave the train in a normal 9/5
I don’t think so my bro
Still the same, still broke
most times it’s childish, so mindless
Don’t care what other say trust yourself …. the hype shit
If you don’t push, you won’t gain
That’s the only way for me
We’re staying the same
The sweetest honey won’t make us change
Do it for me and the gang
nobody understands
We’ll see
Who is real
We’ll see
We’ll see who is real in a bad situation
We’ll see
Who is real
We’ll see
We’ll see who is real in a bad situation

If you feel the way that I feel
You maybe understand
Only a few can see the real me
Everyone else just get a shell of myself

fake it
boy you look so tough
why you’re shaking?
I keep my circle small
A lifetime this bound won’t fall apart
won’t fall apart

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